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1506 Dr. Hisham Barakat & Mark Censoprano of Guardian Dentistry Partners on the Benefits of Partnership Networks : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Barakat has been a practicing dentist since 1998. After finishing his Residency, he moved to VA and worked with a group practice from 2003-2010, started his own practice in 2010, built the Smiles group in Northern VA from 2010-2019, and has been with Guardian Dentistry Partners since 2019 as...  Read More
Advantages of 3D in radiology for patients and dentists
One of the greatest technological advances in recent times has been achieved in the area of radiology. Specifically, for a few years now, we have had scanners that allow 3D images to be made, so that diagnoses can be carried out much more precisely. Panoramic three-dimensional images When we talk...  Read More
Lease Length Matters
Are you getting ripped off by signing a 10-year lease? Are you taking on unnecessary risks by taking on such a long lease term? Is your broker pushing you into a long lease only because it benefits him? In this episode, Joe explores the factors that influence lease term, and why what you’ve read on...  Read More
Musing with Sari: Rickey Schneyder
Musing with Sari with Rickey Schneyder   Read More
The CEO of Dental Health Associates, Bharat Rana, is Redefining the National Dental Industry
It’s no secret that most Americans are struggling financially today thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  that in the midst of business closures, reduced hours, and social distancing guidelines, American families are working hard to make ends meet, all while keeping their loved ones safe. That...  Read More
Dr. Roshan Kalra - Owning Your Freedom
Podcast Episode #303: Dr. Roshan Kalra - Owning Your Freedom Episode #303: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast Dr. Roshan Kalra - Owning Your Freedom This week’s podcast should be an inspiration to anyone of any age or any career path who wants to learn how to own their own freedom. Dr. Roshan...  Read More
1505 Norton L. Travis, JD, CEO of ProHEALTH Dental on Bridging the Gap Between Medicine & Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Norton L. Travis serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ProHEALTH Dental which has a unique approach to dentistry by affiliating with large, well-established medical practices and healthcare systems to coordinate medical and dental services. Mr. Travis began his career as a corporate lawyer,...  Read More
Episode 002: What’s Different About the Nd:YAG PerioLase® MVP-7™?
What’s different about the PerioLase MVP-7   Read More
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1504 Jay Geier, Founder & CEO of the Scheduling Institute, on Creating a Winning Culture : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Jay is a self-made, first-generation millionaire from a middle-class American family. He’s owned businesses since the age of 18 and his life’s work the past 35 years has been dedicated to helping people grow and reach towards their God-given potential. He’s the founder and CEO of the Scheduling...  Read More
Passion for a GREAT Ortho Finish
The passion in Orthodontics includes a passion for an EXCELLENT finished case. This is the VLOG version of my article in the Fall, 2020 issue of the JAOS (Journal of the American Orthodontic Society).    Read More
1503 Dr. Richard A. Huot, DDS on Managing Your Practice for Long-Term Success : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dr. Huot was a private practice owner from 1985 to 2008, and still practices clinical dentistry on a per diem basis, working as a clinician/consultant for private and public health concerns. He retired from the USAF Reserve Dental Corps in 2012 after 30 years of military duty. Dr. Huot is a past...  Read More
What are the advantages of dental flippers?  Flippers teeth have benefits for the wearers, which include:  . A flipper tooth fills obvious holes or missing teeth and improves appearance by giving your teeth a characteristic appearance.  . Dental flippers are more moderate than other dental...  Read More
Straight Outta Training - How To Retire In 10 Years With No Savings
How To Retire In 10 Years With No Savings Here’s an email I received this morning. I removed the dentist’s name to protect his identity: Good morning Dr. Anzalone, My name is Dr. X, currently practicing at a corporate practice right out of school in Alabama. You were on one of .   I’m very...  Read More
Why Dental Appointments are Crucial to Prevent COVID-19 from Taking Over with Dr. Molayem
Today we are talking to Dr. Molayem on the connection with , a very relevant topic that all dentists and practice owners should be aware of. Listen in for the most valuable marketing information you’ve ever been able to put out to prevent COVID from taking over, when you get it.  Dr. Molayem...  Read More
1502 Howard Speaks with the Leon Levy Dental Medicine Library About Post-COVID Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Howard recently spoke with Laurel Graham and students from the University of Pennsylvania's Leon Levy Dental Medicine Library about the business of dentistry and what it will take to succeed in the profession after the COVID-19 pandemic. VIDEO - DUwHF #1502 - Laurel Graham AUDIO - DUwHF #1502 -...  Read More
Episode 86 - Foundational Pillars of Success: #7 Achieving Your Plan with Marketing
Marketing is a foundation of all modern dental practices. But your marketing needs vary depending on the type of dentistry you do and where you are in your career. Today, I’m going to talk about having a solid understanding of your business and a marketing strategy supports your long-term goals....  Read More
267: Dr. John Overton | Mayfaire Family Dentistry
What have you learned from your failures? . Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can all learn from them! . In this episode I talk with  John Overton  and we discuss how one of his satellite offices really suffered and what was the cause of it. . We also discuss:          What John...  Read More
Episode 144: Effective Tips To Drive New Patients (Part 2)
Dr. Laskin and co-host, Dave Pryor, wrap up this two-part episode with even more effective ways for dental practices to drive new patients to their offices. Effective Tips To Drive New Patients Part 2 Find us on Radio!  Read More
HIPAA Data Breaches: 2019 Case Studies
HIPAA is the . A HIPAA breach is when PHI is accessible to someone who shouldn’t have access to it. Some HIPAA breaches happen because an employee was curious. Other HIPAA breaches are simply an innocent mistake, such as when an employee is fooled by a phishing email. But other HIPAA breaches...  Read More
Sobering Findings Regarding COVID-19 and Aerosols
A recent review and study provide more information on the effectiveness of pre-procedural rinses in reducing bacterial and viral loads emitted by dental patients—and the care needed in reducing chances of infection in operatories. The Review The review, published July 13, 2020,...  Read More
Virtual Card Payments are BAD for Dentists
3 Reasons to Avoid VCC payments #1: YOU PAY UNNECESSARY MERCHANT FEES:  Just like every other credit card payment, your merchant service provider will take a percentage (usually 2% to 4%). #2: THEY ARE CONFUSING: when you accept a virtual card payment, your merchant account records it as “Visa”...  Read More
Embezzlement Identification and Control Guide for your Dental Practice
Embezzlement Identification and Control Guide for  In this week's episode of the Associates on Fire podcast, we have CEO and founder of Prosperident, David Harris. Prosperident is the world's oldest and largest firm investigating financial crimes committed against general dentists and dental...  Read More
Life and Disability Insurance Every Dentists Should Have
Life and Disability Insurance Every Dentists Shoul In this week's episode of the Associates on Fire podcast, we have Brian Leet. Brian is a non-captive insurance broker with many years of experience in the industry. Brian's been working with dentists and dental specialists since he started in the...  Read More
Dental Loupes: Benefits and How to Use Them
Welcome to the definitive guide to dental loupes, also known by many other names, such as dental loupes, surgical loupes, magnifying loupes, binocular loupes or magnifying glasses for dentists. Next, we are going to explain all the peculiarities of a tool that has become essential for many...  Read More
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