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270: Reuben Kamp | Why Your Practice May Soon Be Affected By Ransomware
Whose had ransomware? . How can you prevent your practice from being a victim of ransomware?! Welp... in this episode  Reuben Kamp  discusses the exact steps you need to be taking to prevent this! . This incident actually happened to a third party company that works with hundreds of practices... so...  Read More
269: Dr. Neha Batra | Macomb Children's Dentistry
Does your practice have that "Disney" feel to it? . In this episode I speak with Neha Batra where we discuss why your team should always be "ON"! As soon as they clock in or walk through your doors, they are performing! . Think about it... if a performer is having a bad day... but they...  Read More
267: Dr. John Overton | Mayfaire Family Dentistry
What have you learned from your failures? . Let us know in the comments below and maybe we can all learn from them! . In this episode I talk with  John Overton  and we discuss how one of his satellite offices really suffered and what was the cause of it. . We also discuss:          What John...  Read More
265: Mike Weinberg | New Sales Simplified
The episode everyone should listen too . If you are making any single marketing material, if you are presenting any treatment, if you are talking to anyone about you and your practice... you are selling. . Wrap your head around it and start getting good at it. . I interviewed Mike Weinberg, author...  Read More
264: Dr. Kai Weng | Dental Designs of Maryland
"How many new patients are you getting monthly?" . If you are a long time listener to the podcast, then you know, this is a question I basically ask all my practice owner guests... . Dr.  Kai Weng  lets us know exactly how many new patients he is bringing in but he also explains why this question...  Read More
263: Dr. John Nakhla | Nakhla Dental Group & Dentistry's New Normal
Have you ever had to fire someone? . Dr.  John Nakhla  doesn't fire people... he "coaches" them out of his practice. It's brilliant! . In this episode he dives deeper on how exactly he does this. . We also discuss:          How he acquired 3 practices and transitioned smoothly.               What...  Read More
262: Dr. Joel Skousen | Heritage Dental Studio
Do you do this too? . How "salesy" or pushy would you say you or your treatment coordinator is? Do you think that it's hindering your progress or helping it? . In this episode I talk with  Joel Skousen  about his whole treatment acceptance process and how his start-up is coming along! . We also...  Read More
260: Dr. Chad Duplantis | Fossil Creek Dental Partners
Have you ever tried making a change in your practice... that you THOUGHT was going to be a positive change... but ended up being a really negative change? . In this episode I talk with  Chad Duplantis  about this and SO SO much more! . We discuss:          The amazing, positive, things that...  Read More
259: Dr. Patrick Vuong | Smile Avenue Family Dentistry
Follow your own numbers... . I feel like we get caught up on the industry "average" a lot of the time and we don't realize that so many factors and details come into play... so much so that... you should follow the numbers that work for you! . That's exactly what Pat Voong is doing! . ...  Read More
257: Dr. Lindsay Cash | Pearl Dental Studio
How does your new patient experience/ journey look? . Let me know in the comments below! Maybe we can all learn something form each other! . Lindsay Cash Kosal  lets us dive deep into her practice and she lets us know her production, collection, marketing strategies, treatment acceptance rate, and...  Read More
255: Things You Need to Know About Phone Service Providers/ VoIP
What really happens when your phones go down? . Whose fault is it? . How can you make sure it doesn't happen as often or at all? . This is what  and I discuss in this episode! . We talk about: - Things You MUST know about your VoIP/ Phone Service Provider. . - How To Troubleshoot your phone system...  Read More
253: Dr. Jessika Jahnsen | Boston Smiles Dental
Who here... has ever put their complete confidence in a specific company... only to be let down? This can be a heavy hit especially when you have a million things going on! This happened to Dr.  Jessika Jahnsen  during her start-up process!! In this episode, she opens up about her whole...  Read More
249: Drew Dickinson | Modento
Why & how is Modento different?! In this episode with  Drew Danger  covers everything on what you need to know about the robust communication platform: Modento. We discuss:          Why Modento is very different from other software/ patient communication platforms.               How practice...  Read More
230: Brian Mills | The Art of Negotiating Your Lease
  Here are some of my takeaways:     What to do if you found a place you love, but the price is the only thing you hate.     Is it a great time to do a start-up right now?     What are some of the best resources right now? Really great episode if you are planning to do a start-up or know someone...  Read More
248: Dr. Mark Evans | Laveen Smiles
Did you ever feel like this...?   The moment you stepped foot into a corporate/ DSO type of practice... you told yourself .... "I never want to work in this environment again... so... I'm making my own environment"!   This is something that pushed  to create his own practice (he just opened his...  Read More
233: Michael S. Sorensen | I Hear You
How do you communicate with your patients, family, spouse, team members, and your community?   In this episode, I interview the author of the book:   I HEAR YOU | The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships    Here are some of my takeaways:     Validation is the "secret sauce"...  Read More
234: Dr. Hardik Chodavadia | Enamel Dentistry
What have been some of your biggest headaches when starting and running your first practice?   What systems or protocols did you create to overcome these hurdles? In this episode I speak with  (super cool guy) and we discuss:       Some of Hardik's biggest headaches starting his first practice....  Read More
244: Dr. Sonja Babic | Comfydent Smiles
A lot can happen in the middle of you trying to build and run a successful practice.   Not just in your "business" life but also in your personal life. I really want to thank the amazing  for opening up during this interview and really letting me dive deep into the struggles, pains, and the...  Read More
235: Paul Jarvis | Company of One
Probably one of the very few times I was nervous during a podcast interview ??   This was definitely a new milestone for me, interviewing one of my favorite authors. Paul Jarvis's book (Company of One) changed my perspective and business, and it will change yours as well, IF you take into...  Read More
238: Karol & Drew | One of The Most Robust Patient Engagement & Communication Platforms Out There
Who has ever started (or has) a business with your significant other?   What are some of the ups and downs you've faced? In this episode  allow me to get nosey and dive into their lives! We discuss:               The struggles in creating a business with your significant other?          ...  Read More
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