What is Identity Dental Marketing's Approach to Handling Direct Mail Campaigns?

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Direct mail remains a valuable tool for introducing new businesses or promoting new services, typically yielding approximately three new patients for every 5,000 mail pieces initially. However, its effectiveness diminishes after about five to six mailings. The success of direct mail often hinges on coupling it with compelling offers. Unlike methods such as Google ads, which capitalize on a potential patient's active search for dental services, direct mail targets individuals who may not be actively seeking such services at the time they receive the message.

While direct mail may lack the precision of targeting afforded by digital advertising, it can bolster brand recognition over time. However, relying solely on direct mail for optimal marketing returns may lead to disappointment, even with well-crafted messaging and targeted distribution. Many of our clients recognize the enduring return on investment provided by digital marketing, yet some still opt for direct mail campaigns to reinforce brand visibility and maintain a diverse marketing portfolio, acknowledging the intangible value they offer.

When preparing your direct mail materials, consider leveraging partnerships with providers such as PostcardMania for special pricing or collaborating with local printers certified for Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) by the United States Postal Service. EDDM offers excellent value and enables you to saturate your local community with your marketing message, maximizing exposure and potential engagement.

If you want to run a highly targeted direct mail campaign (i.e., only show my message to families with children under 10 years of age), you’re going to spend more on the list and printing than you would to “hit” the whole community through EDDM. Financially, extremely targeted lists don’t make sense because the cost to attain and leverage them is higher than the cost to bulk print and hit all homes.

Take advantage of your complimentary marketing planning session with Identity Dental Marketing today to improve your marketing efforts: https://identitydental.com/grace/.

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