Identity Dental Marketing stands at the forefront of transforming the landscape of marketing solutions for dental practices, heralding a new era of understanding and optimizing marketing efforts within the dental industry. This innovative approach is anchored in their robust tracking and reporting...  Read More
Running a business, whether it's a local dental office or a global enterprise like Amazon, demands a constant focus on improvement and growth. Embracing change is essential for creating a stronger and more successful business. In various forums, including speaking events and casual conversations,...  Read More
Are you grappling with the frustration of seemingly ineffective digital ads? Before you start pointing fingers, it's crucial to understand that, much like any marketing strategy, paid digital advertising requires patience and strategic maneuvering to yield optimal results. Typically, it's around...  Read More
Are you considering a custom press release? Congratulations! This strategic move can significantly benefit various business scenarios and is a valuable tool for any business owner. Let's delve into the key situations where a custom press release from Identity can make a remarkable impact: ...  Read More
In the contemporary digital landscape, establishing a robust online presence is imperative for businesses to thrive in their respective industries. This is especially true for dental practices, where an efficiently optimized website is vital for attracting and retaining new patients. The rise of...  Read More
Cultivating word-of-mouth referrals stands as a formidable strategy for propelling the growth of your dental practice. Satisfied clients recommending your services to their network can establish a consistent influx of new business. To optimize this influential marketing avenue, consider the...  Read More
In the landscape of advertising, the landing page serves as a critical anchor for converting viewers into valuable leads or customers. To unlock the full potential of your campaign, let's delve into the essential components that contribute to the effectiveness of a landing page, exploring...  Read More
Building a thriving dental practice involves more than just assembling a skilled team and investing in advanced technology. While these elements are undoubtedly crucial, achieving true success necessitates a commitment to consistency in both business practices and leadership styles. Without this...  Read More
In the realm of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands as a pivotal practice, dedicated to elevating a website's position on prominent search engines such as Google. The strategic investment in SEO services by businesses and organizations is geared towards enhancing online...  Read More
How to Love Your Work by Focusing on Dopamine Releasing Activities as a Business Leader
While I am not a psychologist or a medical professional, I can share that dopamine is often released in response to rewarding experiences, and business owners might experience dopamine releases when engaging in activities that they find rewarding or reinforcing, which may vary widely among...  Read More
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