What goes into a Custom Press Release from Identity?

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If you're considering a custom press release, it's a versatile and highly beneficial option for business owners. Commonly used for:
Introducing new services or technologies.                         

Enhancing Google rankings and keyword reach.            

Introducing new team members.            

Building a positive online reputation.      

Promoting events or special offers.    

Expect a questionnaire, proposal approval, and prompt distribution upon your confirmation. Your press release will be published on numerous platforms, boosting backlinks and Google News presence.

Press release marketing is an untapped dental marketing opportunity, offering reputation and brand benefits. Consider a monthly press release strategy for consistent positive news or purchases as needed for announcements.

What to Anticipate:

Once your proposal is greenlit and payment is authorized, the Identity Dental team will furnish you with a questionnaire designed to gain insights into the objectives of your press release. Following your submission, we will provide you with a draft of the press release for your approval or any desired revisions. Once your approval is received, we'll swiftly commence the distribution process. Your article will go live across a minimum of 30 platforms, generating valuable backlinks and securing a presence within Google's news section.

Press release marketing represents a significant untapped opportunity within the realm of dental marketing. It offers substantial benefits such as enhancing your reputation and establishing brand recognition. Many prominent influencers and business owners leverage public relations strategies like press release distribution.

To ensure a consistent stream of positive news surrounding your practice, we strongly recommend adopting a monthly press release strategy. Alternatively, you can acquire press releases on an as-needed basis for specific announcements.

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