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Everyday Practices follow Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals about everything related to dental practice ownership from productivity & finances, to best practices for patient interaction, leadership, and more.
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Episode 234 – The Challenges of Office Dynamics

Episode 234 – The Challenges of Office Dynamics

5/15/2024 8:18:50 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 17

“I am not the boss of this practice… the mission is the boss of this practice.” ~Dr. Maggie Augustyn

Everyday Practices podcast co-hosts Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson are joined by Dr. Maggie Augustyn of Happy Tooth (Elmhurst, Illinois) as they discuss office dynamics, creating a supportive culture, and handling office challenges with dignity and grace. 

The discussion kicks off with a discussion about the complexities of hiring new team members who might not immediately fit into a dental practice’s culture, and the importance of aligning with the practice’s mission and vision. Throughout this episode, Dr. Augustyn shares practical strategies for fostering a positive work environment and empowering team members to contribute to solutions.

As you listen to this episode, think about the following questions:

  • How does my practice approach problem-solving and decision making?
  • What leadership style do I embody, and how does it impact my team dynamics?
  • Am I actively investing in my own learning and growth? Am I dedicating time and resources to expanding my skills and knowledge? How does this contribute to the success of my practice?

The Challenges of Office Dynamics

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