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Episode 163 - The Three Ways Successful Dental Practices Integrate Core Values

Episode 163 - The Three Ways Successful Dental Practices Integrate Core Values

11/16/2022 11:15:21 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 24

“Can you see how exciting this is for HR? You now have tangible behaviors that the team can say here is an example of how I was delivering our core values.” ~Regan Robertson

Are you struggling with team retention? Or not seeing your team exhibit the behaviors you want in your practice? 

If so there’s a good chance you aren’t leveraging your core values. The fact is, you have core values. Even if you haven’t formally defined them, or they’re just collecting dust somewhere, if you aren’t clear about what your values are, your team doesn’t know what you expect from them. 

The most successful dental offices know that core values are the foundation of an exceptional culture and patient experience.

We love to make your lives easier! Join us today as we share the three ways successful dental offices leverage the power of their core values, including:

  • Strategies to communicate core values to your team
  • Putting tangible behaviors behind each value 
  • Employee buy in vs employee ownership of core values

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The Three Ways To Integrate Core Values

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