Bill Rossi: Advanced Practice Management
Bill Rossi: Advanced Practice Management
Bill Rossi and team are involved in the on-going management of over 260 practices and oversee more than $30 million of activity per month. Each year they do over 600 on-site consultations giving them perspective for giving practical, tactical advice.
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Bill Rossi
Bill Rossi

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PPO Participation
Highlight from this years survey: More dentists are dropping PPOs. 13% said that they dropped a PPO in the last 12 months. Another 13% say they plan on leaving a PPO within the coming 12 months. Only 3% have joined a PPO in the last 12 months. We are helping dentists here and all across the country...  Read More
Words Matter
Remember the old saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?” Know that the opposite is true and that the words used in your practice have a profound and lasting impact in the confidence, productivity, trust and positivity of your team. Words are, indeed, the most...  Read More
Compared to the first half of 2020, Practice Production was up 53% and Collections were up 48% for the mature practices sampled. Total patient flow was up 43% with New Patients being up 72%. Compared to 2019: General practices have recovered from 2020 and then some. Production and Collections are...  Read More
Compared to 2019: General practices have recovered from 2020 and then some. Production and Collections are up 13% over the 2019 averages with patient flow being up 2% and new patients being up 6%. Crown and bridge is up 11% and Doctor Production per Hour up 9%. Hygiene Production per Hour is up 5%....  Read More
Building Trust
BUILDING TRUST: Trust is the foundation of a private practice. Note I said practice, not “clinic.” It’s trust that will have patients want to stay in your practice even though you may not offer evening or weekend hours, deeply discounted services, free parking, or lots of PPO participation. A...  Read More
TOP 3 THINGS THAT CAUSE A PRACTICE TO RUN BEHIND, AND WAYS TO REDUCE THEM: Every practice runs behind from time to time for numerous reasons that can’t be controlled, such as treatment gone wrong, late patients, and other situations that can’t be controlled. However, the following three areas,...  Read More
THE TOP TEN DENTISTS’ FANTASIES OF ALL TIME:    I was looking through some old files and found this from over 15 years ago. Still worth a chuckle.  –Bill    10. Knowing you just got back from a seminar, the staff all get together and beg to try some more good ideas.    9. Insurance companies start...  Read More
Creating a Good Impression- Even when You are Not There
                                                                                                                                             CREATING A GOOD IMPRESSION – EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE!                                                   As Aaron says, 33% of calls to dental offices are...  Read More
Keep a Good Team Together
KEEP A GOOD TEAM TOGETHER:  The market for Dental Team Members is tight. Finding good candidates, or any candidates can be quite a challenge anywhere in the Midwest.  It’s cheaper to keep her! · Has it been a while since you’ve done performance reviews and given raises?  If it’s been more than a...  Read More
Doctors, it's time to push back on PPO's part III
What can you expect?  We’ve helped many Doctors through this process, and most are surprised at how smoothly it goes.  Yes, there always is some loss of patients.  If patients have zero out of network benefits, you will lose them.  If they’re young and cash strapped with multiple family members,...  Read More
Doctors, its time to push Back on PPO's part II
So how and when do you go about dropping a PPO?  Contrary to what you might have heard, you don’t necessarily start with the PPO’s with the lowest fee schedules.  There are other factors involved such as; the size of the PPO in your practice (smaller is better if you’re learning how to go through...  Read More
"Doctors; It's time to push back on PPO's" part 1
Over the past 15 years, Dentists have been signing up for more and more PPO’s. Write off’s have increased dramatically! For example, in the Upper Midwest, the average collection percentage is about 83% of gross.  That’s nearly two months a year Doctors are working for free because of PPO write...  Read More
For the year, practice production was up 6.1%.  Collections were up 4.3%. Patient traffic increased 2.4%.  New patients were up 2.7%. Crown and Bridge was up 9.4%.  Production per patient examined was up 4.2%.   All in all then, 2017 was the strongest growth year since the “Great Recession”.      ...  Read More
In order to get the best practice price, you want to be attractive to as many buyers as possible. In our market nowadays, practices are almost as likely to be sold to an existing practice (a practice merger) as they are to be sold directly to a practitioner who will take over the practice....  Read More
Most incentives need to be “retuned” each year. They should be in line with practice goals and calculated so that it’s Win/Win.  That is, staff share in the practice’s success and wage overhead is kept proportional to collections.  Here are some important ground rules for any Incentive Program:...  Read More
How do you know if your administrative staff is under performing or over worked? How do you “right size” your administrative support to fit your practice production and patient flow?    We did a study of a representative selection of 38 of our client practices. This information gives us a...  Read More
Mind The Gap!
Actually, mind the 2 gaps! First, the gap between what you produce and what you collect. The average gap between production and collections is almost 2 months-worth of work! This isn’t due to patients not paying their bills, it is due to PPO write-offs. If you are collecting less than...  Read More
10 Things You Need to Know About You and PPOs
1. You have more power than you think. 2. Practices with little or no PPO participation generally do get fewer new patients. However, practices deep into PPO participation do not get proportionally more new patients as they take on more and more programs and more discounts. 3. Each practice has to...  Read More
How Good is Your Hygiene Department?
We all know that the hygiene department’s performance has a direct bearing on the health of your patients and your practice’s bottom line. I’ve grown weary of rules of thumb for hygiene like “Hygiene should be 30% of practice production” or “Perio should be 30%...  Read More
If your administrative staff doesn’t know the answer to this question, it’s likely they have made very few collection calls. In small towns it can be especially tough. The front desk person knows everyone and it’s hard to “dun” neighbors and friends. That is why we...  Read More
For most office administrators, collection calls would be way down on the list of things they’d like to do! Your whole purpose in practice is to take good care of patients but sometimes unfortunately money becomes an issue. I make hundreds of collection calls every month and there are a few...  Read More
Comparing the first half this year to the first half of 2015 for the mature area practices sampled, we find that practice production is up by 5.8% and collections are up by 5.2%, which is slightly off the first quarter’s pace of about 6% for production and collections. Total patient flow is...  Read More
One has to consider many factors when purchasing a practice and now PPO participation has to be taken into account. This becomes even more important when you’re dealing with practice mergers. It is increasingly common to see exiting practices not sold outright but sold to and blended with...  Read More
Almost anyone would agree that hard work, intelligence and integrity are important components of success…but there is another trait that is not talked about as often that is equally important: courage. Just as you would predict that someone who was lazy, stupid and dishonest would not be...  Read More
As many of you have heard me say, I feel that a productive performance review should not be a bureaucratic “grading” process. Everybody hates that. Instead, I feel that a performance review should be a cross between a “Wedding Anniversary” and “Let’s Make a...  Read More
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