Bill Rossi: Advanced Practice Management
Bill Rossi: Advanced Practice Management
Bill Rossi and team are involved in the on-going management of over 260 practices and oversee more than $30 million of activity per month. Each year they do over 600 on-site consultations giving them perspective for giving practical, tactical advice.
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Bill Rossi
Bill Rossi

Mind The Gap!

Mind The Gap!

8/31/2017 2:49:18 PM   |   Comments: 1   |   Views: 84

Actually, mind the 2 gaps!

First, the gap between what you produce and what you collect. The average gap between production and collections is almost 2 months-worth of work! This isn’t due to patients not paying their bills, it is due to PPO write-offs. If you are collecting less than 80% there’s a very good chance you can shorten that gap. Talk to us about it.

The other gap is more insidious, and could be even more significant. That is the gap between what you diagnose and what actually gets scheduled. Of course you know if you produce more you’ll collect more. But ironically, offices that have better collection systems produce more. How does that happen?

Because a good collection system is a communication system. One of the biggest gaps we see is the handoff between the clinical staff to the front desk. There’s lots of fumbles when it comes to that handoff! Patients come up front without the treatment plan, aren’t stopped at the front at all, or the administrative staff doesn’t really know how to finesse the treatment plan into the schedule.

That’s why the “Collections Made Comfortable” seminar is a perennial favorite with our clients. Your entire team plays a part. Starting with you, doctor. Everyone needs to know how to tactfully deal with money, insurance and all the confusion and discomfort those issues can cause (or worse, non-discussions of the issues can cause!). 

Everyone on Your Team Has to Deal With Patients, Money and Insurance. Make Sure They Know How! 

Collections Made Comfortable is a perennial seminar favorite and a must-attend for you and your team. Dealing with patients, money and insurance is something you have to do every day so why not do it well? And, it takes the whole team! Take the confusion out of dental fees and insurance so your patients follow through on treatment and your schedule stays fullThis seminar is almost always a sellout. $219 first person and $199 each additional. $20 discount per attendee if registered by September 15th.

REGISTER TO ATTEND TODAY! Call 952-921-3360 or visit our website to reserve your space! 

Collections Made Comfortable
November 3, 2017
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Embassy Suites, Bloomington, Minnesota

Shelly Ryan Advanced Practice Management 

Presented by: Shelly Ryan, LDA

Advanced Practice Management's Shelly Ryan is a Registered Dental Assistant with more than 30 years of dental experience in clinical, front desk, office management, training and consulting. Shelly often works as a player coach, side-by-side with administrative and clinical staff as an experienced colleague. Staffs respond well when Shelly works with them on verbal skills, communication, conflict resolution and accountability.


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