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Missed Appointment Procedures
The key to a high percentage of dental appointments kept are:a. Ensuring that when dental treatment is presented the patient really understands what will happen if they do not take action within a reasonable amount of time. They need to understand the condition will get worse, not because you say...  Read More
What can Apple can teach you about management of a dental practice?
Several years ago, when my Mac laptop still had a battery that could be taken out, I called Apple to order a new one as my old battery had stopped holding much of a charge. I was leaving town the next afternoon to consult a dentist andwas hoping to get a new battery sent to me overnight so I’d have...  Read More
End of year "Use it or lose it" insurance letters or postcards
Letter: Send out on once a month on stationary that aligns with the month's themes/holidays: Halloween (Fall), Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday season.Dear (insert patient’s name), Gental Dental provides our patients with the best care possible, and an important part of this process is...  Read More
A Patient-ized View of Your Dental Office
A good drill for any dentists to do is try to eyeball your dental office as if you are a new patient. Stroll around the parking lot, take a seat in the lobby and view the surroundings. Sit in each of the dental chairs and look up at the ceiling. What uncover can be some really be stunning stuff:...  Read More
Has Your Front Desk Been Taken Over by a Porn Site?
Recently I was using a dental client’s computer and noticed that it was running really slow. On a hunch, I installed anti-spyware software.Spyware, for those of you who don’t know, is computer software that is installed secretly on your computer to intercept or take partial control over your...  Read More
Buying a practice? A few tips...
If you're buying here are some standard tips:1. Get an accurate count of active patients. Often this is greatly inflated. If the software has been correctly entered for all patients then the active patient count will be good. However less than 1 in 10 practices will have accurate information as far...  Read More
Doctor Production versus Hygiene Production
The amount of production that should come from hygiene all depends upon the production of the dentist and the type of hygiene care delivered.I have one client who produces $5000.00 a day. His hygienist produces $1200.00 today. Another client produces $2200.00 a day. His hygienist produces around...  Read More
New Patient Calls
The handling of new patient phone calls by your receptionist should be done honestly while effectively guiding the conversation.When a new patient calls, whether FFS or PPO, their attention is typically on money. Your receptionist needs to move a patient’s attention off of money and onto why they...  Read More
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