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With over 20 years of experience, we take the hassle out of finding new dental space for lease and for purchase. You're busy running your practice, so let our team do the heavy lifting for you. Don't go it alone!
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Why The Rent Is Always TOO DAMN HIGH
Remember Jimmy McMillan? This is the perpetually black-gloved guy with the over-the-top personality and delightfully outlandish mustache and haircut. A few years back, he made for a welcome respite from the too-deadly seriousness of the political discourse.   He ran for a variety of political...  Read More
How To Level The Playing Field When You're Looking For Dental Office Space
Are you looking for healthcare office space? If you are, and you want to make the journey to getting the office space you've always been dreaming of an easy one, hire a tenant rep. This is an agent whose only allegiance is to you—not the landlord, even though the money to pay the tenant rep comes...  Read More
Today Is National Fun At Work Day
Today is National Fun At Work Day! This is the perfect day to recognize having fun isn't a frivolous luxury that should be completely absent from the workplace. Instead, it's an essential ingredient for keeping the myriad stresses of the workaday world at bay. Corporations around the world are...  Read More
Why You Must Pay Attention To Rent Escalation Clauses
Residential leases are much easier for real estate agents than commercial real estate leases are. That’s because these kinds of contracts call for a rent amount that doesn’t change from month to month. Unfortunately, this doesn’t hold true with commercial leases, which can be mind-bogglingly...  Read More
Never Sign A Tenant Representation Agreement
  Just this month, I had several new clients who inadvertently put themselves in a precarious position.      What happened was they signed a tenant representation agreement with a realtor because they thought this would be in their best interests. What a tenant representation agreement says...  Read More
We're Here To Make Your Office Space Dreams Come True
Are you dreaming of flying solo in your own private practice so you can care for patients in a way that’s an expression of your unique abilities and talents? Maybe something deep within you is saying now is the time to transform that long-held dream into glorious reality.   If so, you’re going to...  Read More
When You're Looking For Dental Office Space, You're Going To Need A Specialist
You might think that when you’re looking for dental office space, you can hire any old real estate agent. Even those who mostly handle residential deals. After all, you might think all real estate is pretty much the same.   But you’d be wrong!   That’s because healthcare real estate has very...  Read More
If You Want To Be Successful, You Need To Speak The Language
Did you ever see the movie “Arrival?”  In this rousing cinematic adventure, Amy Adams plays Louise, a linguist hired by the government. Alien ships have descended upon the planet. And, she has to learn how to speak the language of the strange beings traveling inside.     She spends a lot of...  Read More
Have You Found Your Dream Team Yet?
Most healthcare professionals dream of the day they get to open their own office.    When that time comes for you, it’s important to find the right people for your “dream team.” These are the professionals who are going to make your journey a smooth one.    Part of that task is hiring a broker who...  Read More
What To Look For When Leasing Dental Office Space
Dental practitioners have office space requirements that significantly differ from those of other types of commercial tenants. For starters, they need an office in a building that allows for the safe and legal disposal of hazardous biological material. And, space has to be able to be configured to...  Read More
Today's The Day To Stop Procrastinating!
Today is “Still Need to Do Day.”    The creators of this holiday were concerned about the adverse physical and psychological effects of procrastination, including obesity and depression. So, they set aside a day in the twilight of the year for consummate procrastinators to accomplish all the...  Read More
A Tenant Rep Can Help You Get The Office Space That's Right For You
The world of dental real estate can make you dizzy with its complexity.    It's enough to give anyone a whopping headache!    This is a world of zero transparency…where secretive owners guard their listings and have a vested interest in keeping you forever in the dark.    Landlords control what...  Read More
If You're A Dentall Professional, Here's A Way To Have The Best Festivus Ever
Happy Festivus!    Festivus is a fabricated holiday celebrated on December 23rd. Daniel O'Keefe, a writer and an editor at Reader's Digest invented it way back in 1966 because he was tired of the crass commercialization that's rampant during the Christmas season.    It was intended to be...  Read More
Are You Dreaming Of Your Own Dental Practice?
Are you dreaming of owning your own practice?    At Health-Pro Realty Group, we are licensed to help clients buy and sell residential real estate.    So, if you asked us to help you find a house you could live in for the rest of your days, we certainly could do that for you.    However, we...  Read More
Don't Go It Alone
Don’t even think of walking into medical real estate negotiations without an experienced tenant rep by your side who’s honed his skills to a razor-sharp point.     That’s because if you do, you’ll have to deal with ruthless landlords.   These guys would like nothing better than to cheat you...  Read More
Holiday Wishes From HPRG
This holiday season, you might find yourself in need of dental office space.    If this is true for you, give us a call.     We’re HPRG, and we’re experts in helping medical professionals like you find the office space of their dreams.     Maybe instead of visions of sugar plums dancing...  Read More
Thanksgiving Blessings
We at HPRG count our blessings so many times throughout the day. And one of the things we’re so INCREDIBLY thankful for is the hundreds of satisfied clients who saw fit to enlist our services over the two decades we’ve been in business.  This Thanksgiving, we wish all of you an infinitude of...  Read More
If You're A Dental Professional Looking For Office Space, Don't Go It Alone
If you're looking for your dream office space, call HPRG.    During your journey to acquire dental office space, you'll undoubtedly encounter unscrupulous landlords along the way. Most of these hucksters are ALL TOO EAGER to separate you from your hard-earned cash.    At HPRG, we can help...  Read More
11 Dental Real Estate Myths That Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars
Commercial real estate has been around for hundreds of years. Over that time, lots of myths about the field have taken root in the popular imagination. Without a tenant rep to help you weed out the truths from the falsehoods, you might find yourself buying into some of these half-truths.   Over...  Read More
Need Someone To Help You Scale The Mountain Of Success?
Ever dream of conquering Mt Everest?    This fabled peak that majestically rises more than 29,000 feet remains a coveted ambition for mountaineers everywhere. Many of them passionately dream of the day when they get to scale its legendary heights.    By attaining this towering achievement,...  Read More
Should You Renew Your Dental Office Lease Or Should You Relocate?
Your lease might be due to expire soon. If it is, beware of your landlord trying to pressure you into renewing your current one. He might do his damndest to keep you on as a tenant because if he does, he won’t have to go through the considerable hassle of finding your replacement. Landlords know...  Read More
Avoid Costly Mistakes When Leasing Dental Space By Using This Checklist
Leasing space for your practice is an incredibly important decision.  That's because a single mistake could end up costing you thousands of dollars. To help ensure you don't make any errors you'll spend years paying for, use the following checklist:       START EARLY:  Finding the perfect office...  Read More
Dental Transitions Team
HPRG officially announces its Dental Transitions Team. Use the three pillars of Valuation, Operations, and Real Estate to sell your dental practice. Learn more at .   Read More
Why Buying A Medical Office Condo Might Be Right For You (Part II)
Financial Benefits There are some excellent financial advantages to buying a medical office condo. For starters, you get precisely the same financial benefits you'd get if you bought a stand-alone building. And, you can probably own your own space for the same amount as leasing. Also, if you're...  Read More
Fall Lease Review
Every fall I encourage my clients to take out their lease and give it a thorough review. Important facts you should about your lease:     1. What is the expiration date?      2. Are you overpaying on your rent?      3. You can re-negotiate your lease.      4. 18 months before your lease expires is...  Read More
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