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Today Is National Fun At Work Day

Today Is National Fun At Work Day

1/31/2020 10:53:28 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 2

Today is National Fun At Work Day!

This is the perfect day to recognize having fun isn't a frivolous luxury that should be completely absent from the workplace. Instead, it's an essential ingredient for keeping the myriad stresses of the workaday world at bay. Corporations around the world are discovering that if you let people have a little fun while also highly productive environment where lots of work gets done, both the company and the employees benefit. 

 Finding appropriate ways to inject a little fun into an overly solemn workplace dramatically increases productively while also significantly reducing worker turnover. 

Despite what some joyless fuddy-duddies might tell you, you can make work a more enjoyable place to be in. It can be difficult, but that doesn't mean you can't liven things up with a little fun. 

There are so many ways to do that while still maintaining a professional environment. 

Bringing more fun into your workplace results in so many amazing benefits. These include things like helping people bond so that employees feel like they’re all on the same team, resolving lingering interpersonal tension, and keeping energy-sapping monotony at bay. It also helps to create cocoons of creativity where imagination can take flight, helping to birth innovative ideas that will only benefit your office. 

Here are some ways you can have more fun at work: 

Partner with Others

Doing a tedious task with a coworker can make it a little less, so if you can get it done with a coworker.

 Play Games 

Devise fun office competitions for everyone to participate in. This gets people momentarily away from their desks so they can get to know each other. You can even make your trophy to give to the winner. 

Give Compliments 


Give compliments and positive feedback to others. This not only makes others feel good, but it's also a surefire way to lift your own mood. Make a game out of seeing how many genuine compliments you can give to others throughout your day.

Do Nice Things for Others 

 Find ways to do nice things for others. This could be a novelty gift, a bouquet of flowers, or doing them a favor. 

Share Food with Others 


Bring a snack to share with others. This is a terrific way to get to know people you don't know very well. Eating food with your coworkers helps you bond with them. 

Add Music to the Mix 

When life gets too serious, add a little levity by playing some music. Music can dramatically improve your creativity while creating a more enjoyable environment to work in.

Use Humor 

Humor can give a much-needed boost to your creativity. Where there's humor in a workplace, it cuts back on burnout and can help improve workers' abilities to cope with stress. No job requires you to be humorless 100% of the time. Find ways to laugh no matter how grim things get. 

Be More Spontaneous 

Add more fun to your professional life by finding ways to be more spontaneous. This also could involve thinking of more things to do in the moment to bring joy to others. 

Liven Up Your Office

Add little splashes of color here and there to make your office cheerier. Things like fun desk organizers, coffee mugs emblazoned with funny sayings, and desk toys designed to relieve stress can go a long way towards boosting your mood. Personalize your space with little touches that give the world a little taste of the real you. 

Smile More 

Smiling improves your mood and makes the office environment more cheerful. So, smile every chance you get. Be that bastion of positivity that everyone loves to be around. 

Final Thoughts

So many of us think that we all must be deadly serious all the time while at work. But, by finding ways to make your workspace more enjoyable, you help people be more relaxed. And when they’re relaxed, they’re more productive. 




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