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What To Look For When Leasing Dental Office Space

What To Look For When Leasing Dental Office Space

1/6/2020 5:28:39 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 17

Dental practitioners have office space requirements that significantly differ from those of other types of commercial tenants. For starters, they need an office in a building that allows for the safe and legal disposal of hazardous biological material. And, space has to be able to be configured to incorporate the latest in patient-centered design. Then, it becomes a place where healing can take place, and patients feel comfortable. 


Some of the conventional commercial real estate knowledge still applies to dental real estate. Other information is particular to the field. That's because there are many things that dental professionals leasing office space have to worry about that commercial renters don't.

 So, when you're seeking out just the right dental office space that'll improve efficiency and increase patient flow, consider the following:  

Price Isn't Everything

Paying the lowest possible amount for your lease isn't necessarily the most important thing on your journey to acquire space. For example, say you got a great deal on leasing an office. However, if you don't locate your new office next to a major thoroughfare, you'll have to spend all that money you just saved by snagging a bargain on a massive marketing campaign just so that people know you exist.  
So, in the end, all your efforts will be for naught.


Besides, if you locate your office on a busy highway, an eye-catching sign can go a long way towards enticing potential customers to give your practice a try. So, put price in its proper context. Consider the other benefits besides how much you'll pay, and decide which ones create the most value for you.  

Ensure That it Meets ADA Regulations  


Make sure the property complies with ADA regulations on accessibility so that people with physical disabilities can get to your office. If you come across space you adore, but it isn't accessible, ask the landlord to bring it up to code. 


Don't even think about making those improvements yourself because this is going to be outrageously expensive. Besides, it's the landlord's responsibility to make sure this gets done. 


Converting Regular Commercial Space Might Not be Cost-Effective


If you're considering converting regular commercial space into a dental office, think long and hard about whether the costs of conversion will be worth it in the end. 


Commercial office space typically has shorter lease terms. So, if you go ahead with the project, you'll likely have to suffer through the time-consuming inconvenience of having to put up with more frequent lease renewal negotiations. 


That could be a real pain! 


Look at How Many Practices Are in An Area and What Type They Are



When you're considering moving your office to a new area, check to see how many already exist there. A city with a small number of long-term, well-established practices can be much more of a competitive threat than one with an enormous amount of newer practices. 


Older offices have had plenty of time to forge long-term relationships with patients who then become fiercely loyal to their healthcare provider. 

However, new practices that aggressively market their business can also be a threat—particularly if your marketing efforts consist solely of having a Facebook business page that gets updated only once every five years. 


Setting up shop next to other practitioners can be a boon to your business if their specialty is different than yours, giving you the opportunity to work with them to establish referral networks. 


This can be a fantastic way to bring in new business! 


Make Sure There's Ample Parking



A dental office has a lot more traffic than offices of the non-dentalvariety. That means that you're going to need more spaces than them. 

A good rule of thumb for dental practitioners is to make sure you can get five spots for every thousand feet of office space. 


Aesthetics Are Important 



 Pretend you're a patient walking into the building that houses your future office. Try to imagine the opinion that they'll formulate after walking through the door for the very first time. That's why it's important to get well-maintained office space so that it's a reflection of the competent professionalism you've cultivated in your practice. 


However, if you're buying instead of leasing, you might consider purchasing a building that's seen better days. But only do this if the price is right and the cost of repairs you have to do still makes it a financially savvy investment. 


Of course, how the interior looks is just as important as how classy looking the exterior is. The inside of your office should incorporate tried-and-true principles of patient-centered design. This way, it creates a soothing environment that accelerates the healing process. 


Remember that exceptional environments create exceptional patient experiences. Certainly, the way your office looks isn't as important as the quality of care you give your patients, but it's up there! 


Final Thoughts 


Choosing the right space for your practice is one of the crucial elements in your long-term success. That's why it's so essential to make the right choice. The best way to ensure that happens is by hiring a tenant rep. 


A tenant rep is an agent whose only allegiance is to you—not the building owner. If you're looking for an expert to guide you through the bewildering and often treacherous landscape that is the world of healthcare real estate, look no further than HPRG. We'll provide you with one, so you won't be eaten alive by unscrupulous landlords that don't have your best interests at heart. 


We'll be there on every step of your journey to get the space that's right for you. Ask us any nagging questions you have about acquiring office space. We'll answer every single one, and give you answers to questions you haven't even thought of but will be answers you're going to need if you're going to land the office space you've been dreaming of. 


So, what exactly is that? 


A superb space with everything perfectly configured so as to maximize office efficiency and patient flow?


A killer location highly desirable to your target demographic? 


A lease amount or building price that won't bust your budget? 


You can get all of this and more when you hire us. Call us today! 





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