Investment Grade Practices: A Dentist Podcast
Investment Grade Practices: A Dentist Podcast
Investment Grade PracticesTM are designed to give you the lifestyle you enjoy today, while building an asset for tomorrow. Victoria Peterson, SsD helps dentists build practices that they love today while building value to secure their future.

Episode 111 – Requested Replay: Team Leadership

Episode 111 – Requested Replay: Team Leadership

5/14/2024 8:02:57 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 19

“The number one thing that has made it easy for me as a leader, Is being super clear about what characteristics we as a team should embody.”
– Regan Robertson

Have you ever been frustrated with team members who hide out, forget simple tasks, or downright refuse to take accountability?

It comes down to this: how are you investing in the leadership of your team? Not just holding them accountable, but walking with them on their journey.

In order to create an Investment Grade Practice, you need a support team of top-flight leaders in your practice. And my heart goes out to all leaders…it’s not easy.

I am passionate about giving dentists like you practical leadership advice you can take into your practice and apply today. Which is why I am so pleased to have as my guest today Regan Robertson, CCO for Productive Dentist Academy.

So if you’re ready to skyrocket your leadership and empower the leaders within your practice, join us as we light on creating leaders within your practice, including:

  • Why modeling the way is so important
  • How including the opinions of people you don’t like is good for you
  • Strategy for fueling your team’s leadership curiosity

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Team Leadership

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