After 2 Months of Running Ads, Why Haven't I Seen Results Yet?

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Paid digital advertising, like all marketing methods, requires patience to yield significant results. It's important to understand that success doesn't typically happen overnight. Instead, it evolves gradually over time as the campaign gains traction and optimization efforts take effect.

By the third month of running a campaign, it's common for it to mature past its initial learning phase. This is when you can expect to start seeing the anticipated results materialize. However, this timeline can vary depending on various factors, such as industry competitiveness, target audience, and campaign strategy.

As the campaign progresses, our team will continuously make personalized adjustments to optimize its performance. These tweaks are aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing ad spend and ensuring that your campaign reaches its full potential.

In medium-level competitive markets, acquiring a new patient through paid advertising without a low-cost offer typically costs around $200. For instance, allocating a budget of $1000 for acquiring general new patients over a three-month period might result in approximately 5 new patients per month. However, it's important to note that these figures are estimates and can vary based on factors such as conversion rates and competition levels.

In areas with higher competition or for keywords such as cosmetics, implants, or Invisalign, expectations may need to be adjusted accordingly. It's essential to set realistic expectations based on the specific circumstances of your campaign.

Effective verbal communication skills are crucial for converting leads into long-lasting, loyal patients. Converting patients acquired through ads may pose a slightly greater challenge compared to those referred by acquaintances. We recommend having someone listen to and provide feedback on calls to continuously improve conversion rates. If needed, we can refer you to a trusted colleague who can assist with this aspect of your campaign.

If you're currently in the first or second month of your campaign, it's premature to critique its effectiveness. Additionally, if your budget falls below $1000 per month or if you're expecting more than five new patients from a $1000 budget, it may indicate unrealistic expectations regarding the outcomes of your marketing efforts. Adjusting your expectations to align with the realities of digital advertising can help ensure a more successful campaign in the long run.

Ads are too expensive for me; what else can I do?

SEO is the most cost-effective marketing solution in most towns, costing under $1,000 / month in most cases and once in the top 3 for main search terms, bringing in 10+ new patients. It does take at least 6 months and a competitive number of reviews.

If you need to boost business in a predictable way, consider adding professional digital marketing. Start with a no-pressure, complimentary marketing planning session. Book with Grace Rizza here:

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