Online CE: Latest & Greatest by Dr. Nareg Apelian

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Online CE: Latest & Greatest

by Nareg Apelian, DMD, Director of Continuing Education

March Online CE Focus: Periodontics

Crown Lengthening: Yes, It Will Enhance Restorative Results
by Dr. James Kohner
Learn ways to predictably solve everyday restorative problems. Even better, learn how to avoid them. This course’s discussion will include issues like red or sore gum tissue around crowns, routinely obtaining more predictable impressions, plus indications, contraindications and more.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery:When To Graft and Techniques

by Dr. Hana Hobbs
This course covers the types of soft-tissue grafting procedures available, describing recession defects when referring patients (or for documentation purposes) and overall clear communication. A detailed video explaining an actual connective tissue graft is included.

Is Periodontal Disease the Common Denominatorin the Spectrum of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases?
by Dr. William Nordquist
For years, clinicians have acknowledged a relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease. This presentation will detail a convincing mechanism behind this relationship.

Guided Tissue Regeneration:Principles and Surgical Protocols
by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini
This course discusses the guided tissue regeneration (GTR) principles for treating intrabony defects around teeth. It provides detailed descriptions of both the biological rationale and the surgical protocol underlying GTR for treating intrabony pockets and defects around teeth.

Introduction to LANAP for theTreatment of Periodontitis
by Dr. Robert H. Gregg II
The laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) represents a significant advancement in periodontal treatment compared with traditional methods for managing periodontitis. This innovative technique, characterized by its noninvasive approach, is introducing transformative results in the practices of both general dentists and periodontists. It enables the dental profession to combat a prevalent disease affecting the oral health of more than 80% of the American population.


Ergonomics for the Dental Office
by Leslie Hovda
This course offers current dental injury statistics and strategies for prevention to help you avoid becoming a statistic yourself. It addresses three workplace stressors—posture, force and frequency—and explores their application to instruments, equipment and postures used daily. Additionally, you will learn simple stretches as part of a preventive exercise program designed to incorporate into your daily routine.

Dental Sleep Medicine Implementation in Practice: Documentation and Billing
by Dr. Mark T. Murphy
This course helps general practitioners survey the current landscape of medical and dental treatments for sleep apnea and decide how and if they want to evolve into this lifesaving arena. Discussed is how to document all the steps in treating a patient’s sleep apnea issues, as well as the best ways to get fairly reimbursed for your time and effort.


Dental Implants FromPlanning to Restoration
by Dr. Charles Schlesinger
This 11-part comprehensive course series covers all aspects of implants, including treatment planning, surgery, grafting, immediate vs. delayed loading, restorative and surgical guides.

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