The dental emergency service: who is there when in an emergency

The dental emergency service: who is there when in an emergency

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Here you can find out what you can do if your tooth hurts when no dental practice is open and how to contact the emergency dental service in an emergency.

When can the 'dental emergency service' be reached?

The dental on-call service can be reached outside of normal office hours.

  • on the weekend      
  • on public holidays    
  • at night
Since emergencies are very rare at night, emergency care is usually centralized in specific dental clinics.

Dental emergency service: The emergency service information

So far there is no nationwide telephone number for the dental on-call service. To find out the relevant local telephone number, you can refer to your respective state’s official health website.

The emergency service information tells you which dentist on duty in the area you can contact, says Dr. Don MacRae who is an emergency dentist in Kelowna.

Who treats in the dental emergency service?

The dental associations organize the dental on-call service nationwide. All dentists are obliged to take part and make their practice available for the treatment of pain patients.

This means that during the emergency consultation you will be treated by a local dentist and, if you are lucky, you will not have to travel a long way to their practice.

Cost of pain treatment

Pain treatment is generally free of charge for those insured with a statutory health insurance company, provided you present your insurance card. If additional services or dentures are provided, additional costs may arise as usual, which the patient has to bear, unless you have taken out supplementary dental insurance.

Dental emergency service: What complaints should you call?

Symptoms that require immediate dental treatment are:

  • Accidental injuries: tooth fracture, jaw fracture, etc.
  • Bleeding after dental surgery
  • Febrile inflammations: jaw abscess (fat cheek), tooth nerve inflammation, etc.   

However, some dental problems do not belong in the emergency consultation: a lost crown or filling, a broken prosthesis or a pressing denture. Although this is very unpleasant for the patient, it can wait until the official opening hours.

Dental emergency service: What services are provided in the emergency service?

The dentist on duty only treats your pain. This means that they will look for the cause and then eliminate your pain.

Other dental aspects, such as a check-up or a consultation, are not intended for the emergency service consultation. The dentist responsible can often only begin the therapy necessary to eliminate the pain and further sessions with your family dentist are then necessary.


Toothache often comes at an inopportune time. But even on public holidays or at the weekend, a regional dentist is there to help you in an emergency. Look up the phone number online or in the phone book and find out which practice is open for you.

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