Self Eduction and Cultivation
Self Eduction and Cultivation
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How to choose dental micromotor fit for your clinic?

How to choose dental micromotor fit for your clinic?

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Dental micromotors are used in dentistry for the treatment of semihard dental tissues. This instrument is connected to the hoses of other dental instruments with a variable connection system. Different speeds and torques are also variable; meanwhile two different types of instruments can be placed onto micromotor unit: straight and contra-angle handpieces.


Micromotors for contra-angle handpiece: The shape of these handpieces form an angle with respect to the horizontal, which facilitates access to the mouth. Here the micromotor is attached to the handle, and at the other end different burs are placed depending on the need for each situation.


Straight handpiece micromotors: In this case, the shape of the instrument is straight, and its primary use is for surgeries on third molars and retouching of dental prostheses. The hoses are placed at the other end of the micromotor and the micromotors have a regulator of speed and of the rotation's direction. In addition to this, these micromotors can be either pneumatic or electric, the most common being the pneumatic ones.


Characteristics of micromotors:

We have several models, both pneumatic and electric, of very small and ergonomic sizes, ideally suited for your dental clinic. When choosing a dental micromotor, it is also very important to take into account its working power. We have a wide range of micromotors, from the simplest ones to other more powerful models which can reach up to 40,000 rpm designed for dental processes needing high power force.


If you have any question on how to choose a dental micro motor, please feel free to contact us, our customer service will try our best to help you. More dental related article at

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