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#77: What You Need To Do When You Receive A Bad Review With Dr. Leonard Tau
It’s episode 77 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this episode I speak with the master of reviews… Dr. Leonard Tau! Such a fun and great guy and so much knowledge was shared in this episode. Some key things I learned was what exactly to do with bad reviews. Some times we think we need to reply to...  Read More
#76: Talking With The Founder Of GOBY, Improving Patient Experience, & Your Target Customer With Benjamin Goldberg
We are at episode 76 of The Dental Marketer Podcast. In this episode I talk with the amazing Ben Goldberg from GOBY. GOBY is an amazing product, if you are familiar with the products like Ipsy, FIVE FOUR, and Dollar Shave Club, then you will be familiar and LOVE the product GOBY, especially if...  Read More
#74: How To Get Your Patients To Start Accepting More Ortho Procedures Immediately With Dr. Amanda Wilson
You are listening to episode 74 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! In this episode I speak with our wonderful guest Dr. Amanda Wilson. We discuss various topics and most of the topics are ortho related, which makes sense because she has been doing ortho for over 10 years. We discuss the importance of...  Read More
#73: How To Rank Higher On Google Immediately With Justin Morgan
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Episode 73 is hot, fresh, and ready for you to listen and for you also to start taking action today! In this episode we dive into the world of SEO. So many major companies (not going to say any names) make it seem like SEO is this huge jigsaw puzzle that can never be solved...  Read More
72: How To Get Your Patients To Instantly Accept Treatment With Heidi Mount
Welcome to episode 72 of The Dental Marketer Podcast! So happy you are tuning into this episode because IF you apply the strategies mentioned here…. your dental practice will go a long way and grow. I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing my featured guest: Heidi Mount, who we all know…. is...  Read More
71: The Secrets Every Dentist Should Know With Doug Fettig.
In this episode I interview the wonderful keynote speaker Doug Fettig. Now Doug was the keynote speaker in the event I went to in San Diego called The Business Side of Dentistry, amazing speaker, outstanding knowledge bombs were dropped by this guy! In this episode we dive into so many topics…....  Read More
70: How Two Office Managers Made $40,000 More In Just Three Months With Denise & Monica.
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Heyo! We are at episode 70! Thirty more episodes until the big one zero zero (100!). I am excited for that and this episode. In this episode I was invited to an event to podcast with the key note speakers. The event was called the Business Side of Dentistry, and I highly...  Read More
Episode 69 has arrived! I am excited about this episode, I learned so much just listening to all the knowledge bombs Reese kept sharing on this episode. We talk about a couple things in episode 69. We uncover the importance of branding and one thing Reese mentions that I absolutely love is how...  Read More
68: The Blueprint To Opening Your Own Dental Practice With Dr. Ragini Singla And Moki Goyal
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Do you have dreams of opening your own practice and don’t know where to begin? Getting started on becoming a dental practice owner can be overwhelming–especially if you are working full-time as an associate. Maybe you’re in the beginning stages or need help planning.   This...  Read More
Do you have a good way of coping with the pressure of being a dentist? For many dentists, the stress begins in dental school and continues throughout their career.   This week’s guest, Dr. Alan Mead, is the co-host of the . He’s a fellow dentist, owning a medium-sized practice in Saginaw,...  Read More
66: Building Multiple Dental Practices On Proven Systems With Dr. Mark Costes
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Have you subscribed? Don’t miss a single episode!   You have a dental practice you’ve built from the ground up. It’s going well, and you’re ready to add on to your operation, but how do you get there?   Dr. Mark Costes owns ten practices, is the founder of an extensive network...  Read More
65 How To Cultivate Employees That Drive Sales With Kevin Henry
Have you considered how your team members influence customer satisfaction and affect your bottom line? If your dental assistant is unhappy, it can reflect on your entire practice, costing you sales and tarnishing your reputation.   Can a dental assistant affect your profit? The answer is a...  Read More
64: Remarkable Ways How Your Patients Can Instantly Give You Great Reviews With Stuart Faught
Reviews, reviews, and reviews! The one thing that can make or break ( or at least put a HUGE dent into your practice) your dental practice. Some times we obsess too much over reviews and sometimes we care too little about patient reviews. Well, we are here to tell you that they are EXTREMELY...  Read More
63: The most important tactics to help your team perform their best with Keith McLachan
Sometimes we feel like we have tried everything to motivate our employees, and by everything that just may mean incentives OR it may mean that you REALLY did try everything. If that is the case and your team member or employee is still lacking that motivation or they just can’t seem to perform...  Read More
62: The one thing every dentist should do as soon as they graduate with Dr. Eric Studley
Here is episode 62! Here I interview the wonderful Dr. Eric Studley. In this episode we really dissect the marketing practices and tactics that have worked in the past and continue to work and what is popular now that we should NOT be doing at all. Too many times we spent too much time trying to...  Read More
#61: The One Feature You MUST Look For When Hiring A New Employee With Samantha Leonard
It’s episode 61! This episode has been brought to you buy Stream Dental Staffing Solutions, actually…. This episode is with one of the founders of Stream Dental Staffing Solutions; Samantha Leonard. In this episode we stress the importance of having the right team in your practice! We all know it...  Read More
#60: Does The Community Think Of Us More As People Than A Dental Office With Dr. Joshua Renken
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Dr. Joshua M. Renken has tried it all in the dental world, from washing cars to offering patient discounts. Now he has two multiple-doctor practices, an e-book, an online business service, and plenty of wisdom to share. Listen to Michael and Joshua as they discuss struggles,...  Read More
59: Beginning With The End In Mind With Dr. Ashley Joves.
Click for Dr. Ashley Joves thinks of herself more as a dreamer than a practicing dentist (although her training and experience might claim otherwise). After realizing there was more to dentistry than her assistantship, Ashley decided to pursue her dream to start her own practice. Even more...  Read More
58: Organization With Sandy Pardue
Click for Sandy Pardue is a dental consulting powerhouse with decades of experience helping business owners build the practices of their dreams. Through working with countless individuals across the country, Sandy has found that company improvement begins with an organized leader. Join...  Read More
#57: How private practices can beat corporate entities with Dr. Cary Ganz
Click for   After years of practicing dentistry and prosthodontics, Dr. Cary Ganz realized there was far more to the dental industry than he realized. As a result, he entered the world of marketing and consultation with the mission to help dental companies reach their full potentials. Join...  Read More
#56: Fixing Faces With Dr. Nojan Bakhtiari
#56: Fixing Faces With Dr. Nojan Bakhtiari Click for Dr. Nojan Bakhtiari went beyond his dental school education and specialized in oral/facial pain. With the help of his careful marketing strategy, Nojan decided that he could attract more patients and help a greater amount of people by...  Read More
#55: How To Start A Dental Practice From Scratch With Dr. Michaela Tozzi
Podcast:  Subscribe:    Dr. Michaela Tozzi has done it all, from making mouth guards at football games to offering her patients botox injections. Join Michael Arias as he speaks with this accomplished woman, who built her Vegas-based dental practice from nothing and has boundless wisdom to share...  Read More
#54: How To Fire An Employee And What To Do If They Quit With Teresa Duncan
Podcast:  Subscribe:  Join Michael Arias as he explores several topics within the dental management industry, from nurturing your business to modernizing your approach to hiring new employees. To help him out, Michael brings in special guest Teresa Duncan, owner of Odyssey Management with over...  Read More
#53: What To Do Before And After Your HIPAA Audit Or In Case Your Data Is Breached With Dr. Lorne Lavine
SPONSORS FOR THE EPISODE: SURGICAL MASTER COURSE The value bombs continue to drop! In episode 53 Dr. Lavine explains why securing all your files and having the proper IT team behind you is essential. We explain how sometimes we tend to get some new shiny machine for our office or software and...  Read More
#52: What To Look For When Picking The Right Dental Lab Technician With Joshua Fitzgerald
Does your dental lab go above and beyond for you? How can you better your dental practice with the right dental lab? Well that’s exactly what today’s guest tells you. Joshua Fitzgerald has been in the dental lab industry for over 15 years and has plenty of experience and much to say...  Read More
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