Growing Your Dental Practice
Growing Your Dental Practice
I am going to be interviewing 100 dentists over the course of the next few months to gather their best marketing tactics. I'll get as detailed as possible so that it is easier to implement the strategies.
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Are Google Adwords Dead? Marketing Trick

Are Google Adwords Dead? Marketing Trick

6/13/2016 2:30:59 PM   |   Comments: 2   |   Views: 187

What I Have Learned About Marketing Through a Data Analyst's Eyes.

I come from a heavy analytical background. I have been a financial analyst a data analyst and have held many positions that use number tracking. My most recent position is business manager of Oxford Dental Care. We are a dental practice that tries very hard to keep costs in line and I oversee the financials as well as analyzing marketing efforts.

I have learned a lot through monitoring our marketing efforts and I want to share something that I have learned in hopes that it will be beneficial to other dentists out there.

Start With Your Online Reputation

As we started the practice we knew that we wanted people in the community to equate our practice with high quality dentistry. We signed up with Best Local Reviews immediately and started gathering reviews about our practice both on Google My Business and Yelp. Yes, I know that a lot of people don't like yelp, but ignoring it is only hurting your online presence. Over the last year we have been able to gather quite a few good reviews and that has been the main thing that people mention when they call for a new patient appointment. It doesn't matter if the patient got a mailer or one of their friends told them about us, almost everyone has seen our Google reviews.I would describe our efforts in gathering Google reviews as something slightly less than semi-aggressive. If someone is really aggressive they could build theirs a lot faster than what we have done. 

While building good Google My Business reviews will help your business rank better locally, that is not the only place where you will see the benefit of having good reviews.

Now For the Marketing Stats

In a typical month before starting Google Adwords we would have between 7 and 15 people getting to our site from our Google My Business listing. We are not in the top three yet because some of our top competitors have over 100 Google reviews. I am sure that number getting to our site would be significantly higher if we were in the top three. Don't lose hope if you are not in the top three, or even in the top ten. Focus on getting some high quality five star reviews.

Back to traffic from Google My Business. I started messing around with a few different pay per click campaigns. The reason that I say messing around is because we have never spent more than $300 per month on a campaign. As we started kicking these campaigns in, the most amazing thing started happening that I was not expecting. While we were only paying for one to two clicks per day, we started getting several calls each day that were not calling from our pay per click campaign.

As I looked at our Google Analytics I noticed that our referral traffic from Google + which is Google My business is averaging nearly three per day and those are not clicks form our Adwords campaign. This is between six and twelve times the traffic that we were receiving prior to starting Google Adwords.

As I thought about my own actions when I am looking for a good local business, I almost never click on the paid advertising because I don't know anything about those businesses. This was part of the reason that I was so hesitant to start Google Adwords in the first place. The only thing that I can figure is happening is that they are seeing our name and cross checking our Google reviews to see if we are trustworthy. The best part of this is, if they do this, they click on our Google My Business listing rather than the ad, so the number of calls that we are getting is even higher than the clicks that we are paying for on Google Adwords.

While I can not guarantee the same results for everyone who tries this, we have been extremely happy with the results since we always like to minimize our costs. If you have any questions feel free to email Adam at
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