Growing Your Dental Practice
Growing Your Dental Practice
I am going to be interviewing 100 dentists over the course of the next few months to gather their best marketing tactics. I'll get as detailed as possible so that it is easier to implement the strategies.
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Keeping it in House: Growth Strategy of Multi Million Dollar Dental Practice

Keeping it in House: Growth Strategy of Multi Million Dollar Dental Practice

8/23/2017 7:19:25 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 2315
I recently had the chance to take an in-depth look at Dental Smiles Unlimited. Dental Smiles Unlimited is led by Dr. Paul Williams, who is a very successful dentist in the Bronx. When I say successful, we are talking about owning and managing a dental practice with five dentists doing multiple millions of dollars in revenue per year. 

When I asked what their growth strategy was, they had a lot to say. Most notably, keep as much work in house as possible.

Do What You Love to Do

Many dentists have certain procedures that they love to do. Dental Smiles Unlimited has capitalized on this and used it to achieve tremendous growth strategy. 

When the practice started to outgrow the capacity of one dentist, rather than take the approach of, "who can I get to come work for me?", they decided to take a different approach. They asked themselves, "what procedures do I not love doing?". This allowed them to be much more selective when looking for a new associate. The best part of this growth strategy was that they were able to bring on an associate who loved doing the procedures that they didn't, and they were much faster at those as a result.

This accomplishes a lot of efficiencies that many people don't think about. People work faster, they are happier doing what they love, and at the end of the day, you can see more patients and take better care of them.

How This Strategy is Different From Other Growth Strategies

This is definitely not the first time that you have heard of people using the growth strategy of keeping more procedures in-house. The difference is that many people who try to do this try to make it so that each dentist does all of the advanced procedures. While there are some special dentists who can become masters of many advanced procedures, this mentality often leads to what people have termed, "the jack of all trades, but master of none". This strategy has allowed Dental Smiles Unlimited to have different dentists focus on mastering certain trades. 

Doing qaulity advanced dentistry in-house has allowed them to maintain a high degree of patient satisfaction.

How an Office Sets This Type of System Up

When I inquired about how an office would go about setting a system like this up, it almost seemed like common sense. Each time the office was ready to expand, they looked at bringing on a dentist who was great at something that the others didn't love to do. They have done this to a point where they have a dentist who loves treating TMD, a dentist who loves doing root canals, a dentist who loves doing implants and more. Like I explained before, this strategy has allowed them to achieve phenomenal growth and success.

Other Growth Strategies

After getting the details of how they have kept so much work in house, I asked the obvious question. Obviously the ability to expand and outgrow the capacity of a single dentist does not come extremely easy in most situations, and growing to five dentists is a feat that very few dental practices can boast. How are you attracting new patients? 

We have done everything from postcards to Google Adwords to SEO. The most important thing is to have a strategy and to make sure that your marketing efforts fit into that strategy. Some of our efforts provide a better ROI than others, but if that is the case, we just tweak the efforts that are not performing as well to try to get a better ROI. This has allowed us to grow tremendously.
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