Apteryx Imaging Partners with 4th-IR to Develop A.I. Solutions for Digital Imaging

Posted: September 19, 2019 / Source: Apteryx Imaging Press Release

Edited by Dentaltown staff

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—Vancouver-based Apteryx Imaging announced that it has partnered with Lucerne, Switzerland-based 4th-IR to co-develop a suite of cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions, changing the way dental imaging is delivered to the marketplace.

By integrating machine and deep learning technology into Apteryx’s software portfolio, coupled with plans to build a stand-alone service, dentists will soon have access to a suite of new products and features, including radiographic quality assurance, diagnostic decision-support and enhanced specialist reporting.

“4th-IR brings tremendous depth and experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning development to us, providing many development synergies along with the opportunity for geographical expansion,” said Dr. David Gane, Apteryx Imaging CEO. “We are very pleased to have 4th-IR as a partner on our journey to help build the future of dental imaging.”

Leveraging Apteryx’s significant repository of image data, its large customer base and development capabilities, along with 4th-IR’s experience in AI and data science, the first product to be deployed later this year will be a digital radiography quality assurance service for Apteryx XVWeb customers. The cloud-based QA service will use computer vision to isolate, auto identify and report common errors related to X-ray image acquisition and imaging system health. Additional products targeting image feature recognition and clinical diagnostic decision support are in development and are targeted for deployment in 2020.

“Apteryx is an ideal partner for us as they bring a wealth of subject matter expertise in imaging and dentistry, an abundance of quality images and a substantial customer base to showcase a truly revolutionary technology,” stated Thomas Gustinis, CEO of 4th-IR. “At 4th-IR, we believe data is the new gold and we are grateful to work with the Apteryx team to realize the full potential of their vast data mine.”


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