Dentaltown Magazine - October 2014

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by Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, Publisher, Dentaltown Magazine
Dr. Howard Farran, publisher of Dentaltown Magazine, talks shop with the Townies. This month he discusses debt and cash fl ow in the dental practice.
by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine
Dentaltown Magazine Editorial Director Dr. Thomas Giacobbi poses the question: What if Amazon got into the business of selling dental products?
by Bryan Laskin, DDS
Did you know that sending medical records through the average Gmail account doesn’t protect you when it comes to keeping records confi dential? Dr. Bryan Laskin decodes the system for us.
by David Smith, MBA
David Smith discusses the incentives for implementing electronic health records.
by Douglas Carlsen, DDS
Dr. Douglas Carlsen writes about fi nancial mistakes, which he admits, he’s learned from experience.
by Michael J. Moroni, DDS
Dr. Michael J. Moroni explains, through fi ve mini case presentations, some of the benefi ts of in-offi ce CAD/CAM.
by Bruce B. Baird, DDS
Dr. Bruce Baird explains some techniques to make CAD/CAM productive.
by Lee Ann Brady, DMD
Dental material development is subject to a unique set of stresses that other materials do not face — the coexistence of aesthetics and strength. Dr. Lee Ann Brady writes about this balance and illustrates with a case presentation.
by Daniel A. Bobrow, MBA
Danny Bobrow lays out what you can do to host the perfect community event that will grow your practice and educate patients on the oral systemic philosophy.
by Martin von Sontagh
Dr. Martin von Sontagh takes a closer look at restorative materials through this in-depth case presentation.
by Kyle Patton, Editorial Assistant, Dentaltown Magazine
We’re grilling the experts about handpiece maintenance. From upkeep and repairs to the best warranty — it’s all here.
by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
We chat with Terri Pukanich — drduke — about her practice and about the perks of being a Canadian Townie.
by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
by Diana P. Friedman, MA, MBA
Diana Friedman lays out some hard data. See what marketing methods are most effective.
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Funny how taking care of your mouth helps the rest of your body, too.
Learn from Townie favorite John Nosti, who answers this plea.
Tips to make CAD/CAM dentistry more effi cient.
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by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education
Hygiene & Prevention
What’s working and what’s not? Evaluate the perio program you’ve set into motion.


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