You Should Know: PACE Marcom by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine

Dentaltown Magazine sits down with PACE Marcom co-founders Maureen Sullivan and Denise Sollenne — both former marketers of Isolite Systems — to learn more about the new dental-specific marketing agency.

What is PACE Marcom?
Sollenne: PACE Marcom is a new marketing agency that was formed to serve the needs of the dental industry. We largely work with dental manufacturers in Southern California, but we also have clients on the East Coast and in the Midwest. We help out some of our dentist friends, too. For our agency, it is really about teaming with good people and good companies to create an exceptional result.

You are in an elevator. Someone asks what you do. You have 15 seconds before the door opens. What do you say?
Sollenne: We help companies create their brand and tell their story in a compelling way that drives revenue. For start-ups, we can do it all for them. For established manufacturers, we help them extend the capabilities of their marketing functions — handling product launches, special projects or brand makeovers.

You were at Isolite Systems for years. Where did this new venture come from?
Sullivan: We did work for Isolite Systems for years and we loved it. Denise was actually working for the company at the very initial start-up phase. She developed the logo and all the packaging. Denise introduced me to Dr. Tom Hirsch, Jim Hirsch and Sandi Hirsch, and lo and behold, I became the company’s first director of sales and marketing. That was way back in 2005. There was a special energy between the Hirsch founders and Denise and me, and together, we were able to create something really special. The Isolite System is an incredible product, so we had the dream product to work with and the dream team to make it happen. Denise and I got to do the fun stuff: creating and establishing the brand.

Our new venture came out of that initial love. First of all, we fell in love with the dental industry. There are so many exceptional people in dentistry, and compared to other industries, it is such a supportive environment. All-in-all, we find that people want to make dentistry better, and they will support ways to make this happen. And because we had already created the Isolite Systems brand, we felt it was time to do something new. We wanted to lend our talents to other companies that oftentimes have a great product but don’t know where to begin when it comes to marketing. Or, maybe they already have a great brand, but they need extra help in keeping up with the demands of marketing, so we can come in and help. They know that we will make their marketing communications professional, on-target and effective.

Tell us about branding, packaging and marketing as it relates to PACE Marcom.
Sullivan: It’s what we do. It’s what we love. It’s what we are great at. Denise is the creative and design genius. I’m in charge of messaging, marketing and media. We are driven to excellence, and a job welldone makes us extraordinarily happy. When you have great design and strong messaging and you put together an ambitious plan and hit it out of the park — well, that is what we live for.

How can a practice integrate PACE Marcom?
Sollenne: The principles of branding apply to every business, large or small. Some practices are doing a fantastic job with their marketing. Others not so much. The demand for marketing expertise and time dedicated to marketing the practice is no small thing. The best advice we can give any practice is to hire a professional to guide them. To connect with PACE Marcom, visit our website: and set up a free consultation call.


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