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A future dental school graduate wonders how his fellow Townies schedule patients who need endo work, a buildup and a crown. His peers share their preferred techniques for efficient appointments and treatment.
September 2018
by Dr. Arthur “Tony” Tomaro
Dr. Arthur “Tony” Tomaro discusses the history of zirconia materials, and their respectively useful cements.
August 2018
by Dr. Isaias Íñiguez
Dr. Isaias Íñiguez shares a case of direct cusp reconstruction using composite pins.
August 2018
Technology that moves with users
June 2018
A new era of composites
June 2018
Townie “likeaduck” has questions, and Townies discuss frequency and etiology.
August 2018
This Townie is fed up and frustrated! Luckily, dozens of his peers weigh in with advice and product recommendations to make treatment more manageable.
May 2018
by Dr. Sigal Jacobson
Dr. Sigal Jacobson discusses techniques to create great-looking, long-lasting composite veneers.
June 2018
by Dr. Sonny Torres Oliva
Dr. Sonny Torres Oliva shares a case that restored a 31-year-old patient’s smile using implant-supported crowns, full bridges and onlays.
July 2018
with Christopher Baker
Practice Goodwill Values— Uncertainty Creeps In!
May 2017 - UK Edition
by Francesco Campione
Dr. Francesco Campione writes about using a minimally invasive approach for a prosthetic resolution in this case presentation.
June 2015
by John Nosti, DMD, FAGD, FACE, FICOI
Dr. John Nosti shares a case presentation. And we’re not kidding, he really does love dentures.
March 2014
by Dr. Rod Kurthy
Dr. Rod Kurthy shares his foolproof method to gaining more cosmetic dentistry patients in your practice.
December 2016
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
A Townie asks for advice from his peers about a new patient who received some questionable treatment from another dentist. They ponder what Dentaltown message board favorite Dr. Lane Ochi would do in the same circumstance.
April 2018
by Dr. Brian Gurinsky
Denver periodontist and Dentaltown board member Dr. Brian Gurinsky discusses functional crown lengthening, including a primer on when and why the procedure makes sense for patients.
February 2018
More shades, speed and strength
May 2018
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