Dentally Incorrect

Dentally Incorrect  

Welcome to Bites, a restaurant concept dispelling dental anxieties with a themed menu. From our curated selections ...

Ahi Tuna Amalgam Tartare
Diced raw ahi tuna mixed with sesame oil, soy sauce and fresh herbs, packed into jasmine-infused molar-shaped rice cups.

Root Calzone Therapy
Golden-brown crispy dough pocket filled with mashed sweet potatoes, bacon, walnuts and a tinge of cayenne for a hot-toothed twist.

Brace Yourself Braised Chicken Tacos
Warm corn street-style tortillas overloaded with marinated chicken, pickled bracket-sized red onion, Sonoran salsa and just a hint of mint.

Crispy Crowned Crab
Seared crab shaped in our in-house food lab. Battered and twice-fried, then strongly seasoned with a generous topping of porcelain horseradish sauce.

Eggplant Implant
An abundance of roasted eggplant supported by an abutment of toasted pine nuts and pomegranate aril accoutrements.

Cosmetic Al Dente
Bleach-white rotini cooked authentically and topped with a thin, blood-red tomato sauce.

Floss Me Six Ways from Sunday
Seven thin, absinthe-infused licorice ropes.

Perio Pocket Pavlova
Light, airy yet slightly crunchy meringue shell with a soft melted marshmallow interior. Served with four chocolate scalers in which to probe the depths of this decadence.

French Mint Fluoride Molartini
Raspberry liqueur, pineapple, ice and a twist of lemon served with a dropped-in Altoid for a bright spice.

Tooth Fairy Fizzle
Elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, simple syrup and sparkling water served over shiny ice chips.

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Dentally Incorrect

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