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Current low-viscosity impression delivery systems are built around the material, not the procedure or clinician, requiring extra steps to backfill a syringe or wrestle with a 50ml dispenser. Instead of suffering with wash delivery that doesn’t work, clinicians can experience delivery designed to work with them. Recently, Dentsply Sirona introduced the Digit Power Dispenser to address wash material delivery.

Current clunky delivery options are often heavy and require a great deal of physical strain and positioning effort to achieve stabilization and delivery results. The Digit Power Dispenser reduces the key features of delivery systems associated with poor ergonomics, shape, distance, weight, physical strain and complexity to help ensure the delivery system works for clinicians. With a unique pen grip design and power delivery, it allows clinicians to focus on what matters—control and precision.

The dispenser shortens the distance between the hand and tooth prep to 3 inches and provides a consistent flow of impression material with considerably less risk of tip movement while dispensing. A 50ml dispensing gun requires the clinician’s hand to work up to 8 inches away from the impression site and to apply approximately 7½ pounds of pressure to pull the trigger. These factors and more reduce control and add compromise any procedure.

The Digit Power Dispenser allows clinicians to get up to 63 percent closer to the tooth prep for more control and it uses up to 84 percent less force than 50mL systems to dispense materials. It allows for up to 64 percent less range of motion due to inadvertent wrist movement and with up to 40 percent less weight it improves delivery and control.

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