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by Drs. Isaias Íñiguez and Laiza Íñiguez Smith
Drs. Isaias Íñiguez and Laiza Íñiguez Smith demonstrate two different composite restoration techniques using bulk fill restorative and polyethylene fibers that can be used as an interim treatment for cracked tooth syndrome. These restorations have lasted eight and 10 years—and counting!
November 2020
by Dr. Terry Shaw
One of our most-followed Townies, Dr. Terry Shaw, shares a case in which he treated a well-known Canadian tenor’s severely worn dentition over two visits by rebuilding the patient’s upper and lower teeth with composite.
November 2020
by Dr. Mike Racich
In this dental continuing education course, Dr. Mike Racich illustrates how to achieve mutually protective occlusal schemes and stabilize interarch relationships, often needed before periodontal surgery or after orthodontic treatment. This course explains the subtractive occlusal equilibration technique, which employs inclined-plane odontoplasty.
October 2020
by Christofer Hatzis and Dr. Sanna Charlie
Dr. Sanna Charlie and fourth-year dental student Christofer Hatzis share a case study in which they used minimally invasive dental measures to restore the aesthetics to the smile of a 92-year-old patient.
February 2020
by Dr. Richard Rosenblatt
Dr. Richard Rosenblatt shares a case in which he created a zirconia crown in-house for a 60-year-old patient.
January 2020
by Dr. Jim Peyton
Dr. Jim Peyton shares a case involving a patient whose blood pressure medication led to dry mouth and significant tooth decay, which he restored with a one-shade universal composite.
December 2019
by Dr. Arthur Volker
Dr. Arthur Volker shares a direct composite case study in which he treated a patient’s lower anterior black triangles—a challenge because of the small area dentists need to get into.
November 2019
by Dr. Raymond Kimsey
Dr. Raymond Kimsey shares a geriatric dentistry case in which he placed a direct restoration for a 94-year-old patient with Alzheimer’s disease, utilizing a crown form and composite.
September 2019
The Townie community comes to the rescue with tips to improve lab work.
September 2019
A Townie revives a helpful thread, which spurs new ideas.
September 2019
by Dr. Terry Shaw
Dr. Terry Shaw, a Townie with hundreds of followers on the Dentaltown message boards, shares a case in which he rebuilt a patient’s dentition using composite material.
August 2019
Well-known “davidpalmer” shows how something as basic as a proximator can make for a better dentist when done right.
August 2019
by Andrew Eder, dean and professor at the University of Buckingham Dental Institute
Professor Andrew Eder explores how to communicate effectively with patients about tooth wear.
June/July 2019 - UK Edition
A Townie shares a step-by-step on using greater band curves on challenging restorations
June/July 2019 - UK Edition
One recent dental school graduate isn’t enjoying his crown appointments, but his fellow Townies show him how to change that.
March 2019
by Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
How to make Class II composites faster, easier, better and more profitable
February 2019
A Townie shares the story of a patient whose dentist gave her a “backup” crown after he repaired her front-tooth dental emergency in 1956.
January 2019
by Dr. Joshua P. Weintraub
Dr. Joshua Weintraub shares a case in which he used a laser to remove old amalgam and prepare teeth for restoration. The ability to forgo anesthetic and traditional instruments helped him shave a half-hour off the time required to perform the procedure.
November 2018
New versatile paste-to-paste RMGI cement
November 2018
A composite with universal appeal
November 2018
A new dentist treatment-planned an MO composite for a patient, but now is wondering if that’s the best way to go.
November 2018
by Dr. Arun K. Garg with Drs. Renato Rossi Jr. and Maria del Pilar Rios
Dr. Arun K. Garg and colleagues share a full-arch implant restoration case report that demonstrates a relatively simple alternative to traditional dentures or overdentures.
October 2018
by Dr. Lori Trost
Dr. Lori Trost discusses healthy, efficient crown preparations and maximizing the use of diamond burs.
New Grad Edition 2018
by Dr. Anthony Mennito
Dr. Anthony Mennito discusses a recent direct Class IV restoration of an anterior tooth on a patient with high standards—a prosthodontist and fellow colleague.
November 2018
by Dr. Chad Duplantis
Dr. Chad Duplantis discusses clinical indications and procedures for cementation on different types of materials.
November 2018
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