Handling a negative review?

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In today's digital era, online reviews wield significant influence in healthcare. Research indicates that 94% of patients utilize online reviews to evaluate providers, with 72% relying on them to choose new healthcare professionals. Despite a majority of positive reviews, a handful of negative comments can cast doubts among potential patients, and their personal impact can be profound. How you manage adverse reviews on reputation and social media platforms is pivotal, sometimes matching the impact of the reviews themselves.

Identifying Authentic vs. Illegitimate Negative Feedback

The first category of negative reviews you may encounter can be entirely illegitimate. How can you spot them? These reviews often exhibit exaggerated anger, lack coherence, and resort to personal attacks instead of constructive criticism. Experience with dental clients has shown that such reviews may not even come from actual patients; they could be the work of disgruntled ex-employees, competitors, or individuals with underlying issues.

What should you do in response? Firstly, avoid letting these reviews ruin your day. Evaluate their source and consider contesting or having them removed, depending on the review platform's policies. If a review includes hate speech or blatant falsehoods, contacting the platform may be warranted.

Addressing Illegitimate Reviews: A Delicate Balance

Deciding whether to respond to illegitimate reviews depends on your tolerance for confrontation and the review's content. Correcting factual inaccuracies is reasonable, but engaging in battles against irrational comments and personal attacks may prove futile and counterproductive.

Handling legitimate Patient Complaints

When genuine patients publicly voice concerns, it is crucial to acknowledge their feedback and assess its validity. If you can identify the reviewer, reach out with genuine concern, promise to address their issue, and politely request that they amend or remove the review after their concerns have been addressed. Surprisingly, many reviewers seek validation and a platform to express their grievances.

You're Not Alone: A Shared Experience

Remember that even the most compassionate provider can receive a few negative reviews. It's a common experience shared by many. If you face negative feedback, take a breath and remember that it's a transient moment. If you're an office manager, support the provider during such times.

Fostering Positive Reviews Proactively

To ensure positive reviews outweigh negatives, actively seek feedback from satisfied patients through various means. Share short reviews with photos or create video testimonials during follow-up appointments. These visual tools overshadow unremovable negative reviews. Encourage satisfied patients to share their positive experiences across various review sites, and provide them with a curated list for easy sharing.

Expert Guidance for Online Presence

For expert guidance on nurturing a positive online presence, reach out. We offer tips and comprehensive dental marketing strategies to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

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