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The Hidden Dangers of the DSO Zeitgeist (Part 1) – Alastair Macdonald: Ep #439

The Hidden Dangers of the DSO Zeitgeist (Part 1) – Alastair Macdonald: Ep #439

7/7/2023 5:21:49 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 98
Podcast Episode #439: The Hidden Dangers of the DSO Zeitgeist (Part 1) – Alastair Macdonald

Episode #439: Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast

The Hidden Dangers of the DSO Zeitgeist (Part 1) – Alastair Macdonald

Many dentists are selling based on the frenzy in the marketplace or FOMO, but are they looking at all the important indicators when choosing to sell? Back again on the show is my good friend and mentor, Alastair Macdonald, who I bring on from time to time to address current topics in the investing, economic, or dentistry environment. In this episode, we discuss the current DSO scene and where we see private equity in dentistry going.

Listen in as Alastair shares his opinion on the DSO situations that many dentists find their way into and why he thinks this has more to do with an investment decision rather than dentistry. You’ll hear about the crucial distinction between sales and buy-outs, as well as the bad equity deals that are cropping up. And be sure to tune in next week for part two of this eye-opening discussion.

Minute Markers:

1:45 – The fallacies involved in the current economic situation.
4:24 – Investment decisions and the importance of having experience or insight on past cycles.
7:13 – The problem that comes hand-in-hand with many DSOs.
10:45 – How the can is being kicked down the road in the DSO space and how interest is affecting current trends.
12:37 – Why the data of the last 5 years in dentistry is not as helpful as many think.
15:12 – The difference between professional investors and professional speculators.
16:50 – Why you need to be aware of where the money is coming from and where it’s going.

Featured on the Show:

Alastair Macdonald: TEDx | DSN | Facebook
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In this episode, we finish up the second part of my interview with Rob Swanson and his eight rules of investing. (If you haven’t listened to part 1, be sure to go back and give that a listen before jumping into this one.) Today, we pick up where we left off, covering rules four through eight and talking about everything from decision-making to cash flow and risk reduction.

Listen in as Rob shares his incredible insight and experience in real estate and investing to give us a few rules that help make our decisions and investments more solid. You will hear about the importance of looking at margins before buying and what boxes need to be checked when it comes to predicting a solid income stream. Rob also discusses how to define and mitigate the different risks involved so that you can come out on top.

Alastair MacDonald is a private advisor to established entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners, as well as a TEDx speaker who lectures on economic, social, and financial forecasts. Join me today to hear part two of our conversation at the Freedom Founders Mastermind, where we dive into the concept of certainty, how to hedge against a volatile economy, and why the abdication model is no longer one that works.

Listen in to learn the reasons why Alastair is not worried about consumer price inflation (and what he’s really worried about instead) and why the 401(k) is not always the investment that it is made out to be. You’ll learn why he is most concerned about the issue of division and polarity in the Western world, why your business is your best asset in a volatile economy, and how you can maintain its viability to weather the most intense economic storm.

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