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Product Profile: Fastbraces 

Prediction of orthodontic treatment in days

Integrating alveolar bone measurements and tissue dynamics can potentially revolutionize orthodontic practice, leading to more efficient and effective care. A predictable and personalized estimation of orthodontic treatment times when using Fastbraces technologies to remodel the alveolar bone was recently published, and a summary is presented herein.

The assimilation of new metrics of a patient’s mouth in this groundbreaking approach introduces a novel equation denoted as the alveolar bone formula (ABF). This formula, designed to capture the fundamental architecture of alveolar bone, is represented as:

CpD + PbW + PbD + PbH = ABM score

Here, CpD signifies the deepest cupping depth measurement; PbW represents the most substantial probing width in one arch; and either PbD (which signifies overjet/underbite) or PbH (which signifies open bite or overbite) is chosen based on which measurement is larger. For additional clarification, after choosing the larger of PbD or PbH, the formula can be viewed as follows:

CpD + PbW + Max (PbD, PbH) = ABM score

In this formula, ABM represents a measurement in millimeters corresponding to the treatment durations shown in Table 1. This formula, encapsulating the key parameters of cupping depth, probing width, probing distance and probing height, is designed to quantify the extent of alveolar bone remodeling required for successful orthodontic outcomes. The integration of these parameters into the ABF emphasizes their uniformity across all dimensions of remodeling (axial/horizontal, coronal and sagittal), reinforcing the predictability and personalization of orthodontic treatment times. Impacted canines, bite blocks or expanders would double the ABM score assessed for a patient.

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1. Pagonis TC, Viazis AD. Prediction of orthodontic treatment duration based on the alveolar bone formula. J Dent Health Oral Disord Ther. 2023; 14(4), 142–149.

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