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This blog is all about digital marketing for dentists and new patient marketing for dentists. It is specifically geared towards independent practices and not DSO's.
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Top 3 Marketing Dental Marketing Strategies For 2022

6/1/2021 9:44:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 514

Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies in 2022

As a professional practitioner, your dental marketing strategies should be ever-evolving and relevant if you want a stronger presence in your field and reach more potential patients. While the opportunity to grow your dental practice increases, so is the difficulty of reaching your audience and leads.

For instance, studies show that only those websites that land on the first page of Google – in other words the top 10 dentists in your area – will get 90-100% of the leads.

Clicks on top 10 positions in Google


Furthermore, you can see in Yelp that competition is stiff. For example, if you are a dentist in Corpus Christi, Texas, you are competing with 239 other dental practices. How can you keep up with only the first 10 getting the leads in Google?

Gone are the days when you can expect to get new patients by just relying on the local community as dental offices can now be found in many ways.

The good news is that there are a few tried-and-true tips and ideas you can use to market your dental practice in 2022.  In this blog post, we will discuss the top three ways that work well for most practices.  And even better?  Only one of them costs money, the two others are free. 

Top Dental Marketing Strategies 

1. Digital Advertising

Before we dive into this, we need to make the distinction between digital advertising and digital marketing for dentists. 

Digital marketing is the big idea and includes anything your practice does online for marketing purposes.  This includes everything from having a website for your dental practice, creating content, social media posts, video creation to email marketing.

top dental marketing strategies

Digital advertising, on the other hand, is a paid form of digital marketing. This is where you invest money to be shown at the top of search results. You can also use social media your target market’s social media news feeds. 

Why would someone want to pay money to show up higher?  

Four Benefits of Digital Advertising

Here are the reasons why you should use digital advertising as one of your dental marketing strategies.

1.You control what your ads say and who sees them. 

When you pay-to-play, you know that the person viewing the ad has a higher chance of being in their target market and thus more likely to buy from them. 

In fact, when it comes to ‘search engine marketing,’ you only show your ads to people that are actively searching for what you’re advertising.  This marketing to your relevant audience is called ‘intent-based marketing’ and it works wonders. 

2.Digital advertising is less expensive than most forms of marketing.

How can paying for ads be less expensive in promoting your dental practice than other marketing techniques? In many cases, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad after searching for the exact thing you’re advertising for.  It is a pretty cool dental marketing strategy, right? 

3. Ads are easy to track your ROI. 

With many other forms of marketing, it can be extremely difficult if not impossible to measure actual ROI.  Things like TV ads, giving out flyers, or social media posts or mailers can be very hard to track, meaning you have no idea if you’re wasting money or not. 

With digital advertising, you have so much tracking capability that you can track your ROI down to the penny without breaking a sweat. This can be done through Google Analytics.

Ads tracking
4.The results of digital ad campaigns are very fast. 

You can start to see positive changes in your business almost immediately.  This is not the case with other forms of marketing such as print advertising, TV or radio ads, and newspaper articles. 

With these methods, you typically have to wait for a long time for your campaigns to launch. Further, to add insult to injury, you probably won’t have any idea how well it has worked. 

Even if production goes up, it is foolish to attribute your growth to that singular tactic or campaign.  With digital advertising, you don’t have to wait, and you don’t have to wonder.

Ads tracking sample

With the proliferation of smartphones in our society, it has become common to simply pull out your phone and search for whatever you need.  By showing up right at the top of the page with a resonant message, you dramatically increase your chances of earning getting new patients at that moment. 

With the benefits of digital ads, though, beware of this dental marketing strategy though if you are not experienced in it.  To make a smart investment in digital advertising, it is worth interviewing a few companies that specialize in digital advertising for dentists such as our system at Patient Magnet. 

As your partner in creating your marketing strategy, our team will set up, manage, and optimize everything for you in the best way so that you don’t have to become a marketing expert to tap into the possibilities. 

That way, you can focus on your practice and the services you offer.  If you’d like to talk more about please check our live dental marketing demo.

2. Patient Referrals

Dentists have long relied on patient referrals as a way to grow their practice.  When someone who is pleased with the care they received tells their friends and family about you, it can quickly snowball into new patients for the office.  This is a sort of ‘virality.’

patient referrals in dental marketing

Patient satisfaction that leads to word-of-mouth marketing is a timeless way to effectively market your dental practice without spending a dime.  

Even if you do drive new patients in your doors through other marketing strategies, having a good patient referral system in place will increase the value of every new patient you bring in. This is because they are not only likely to be a new patient, but they will also become your newest advocate.

Patient referrals are often some of the highest quality patients you can have because you are being recommended to them by a trusted source.

Jeff Blumberg, Chief Operating Officer at MGE Management Experts, and Sabri Blumberg, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at MGE Management Experts, shares 4 Ways to Get More New Patient Referrals.  This is a phenomenal video, and MGE is a phenomenal company, so check it out and let us know what you think. Also, give Sabri a shoutout in the comments for her amazing amount of positive energy!

3. Google Maps SEO

Google Maps SEO in Dental Marketing

Dental marketing is never complete without Google Maps SEO where the search intent is high. Also known as local SEO, It is where people search for directions or places to go and based on studies, local search accounts for 46% of total searches.  Thus, the likelihood to get potential patients is quite good.

Many times when someone searches for a local service online, Google Maps will show up as the first thing they see., such as a dental office within a potential patient’s 5 km radius or relevant zip codes near an address

Have you ever made a search online for a local business?  You may have observed that the first few search results were on a map with a star rating next to each business’s name.  That is Google Maps.

Google Maps has a ton of competitive advantages that make it a powerful tool to grow.  For many search terms, the Google Maps section shows up right below the advertisements.  That means it is the first place that organic (unpaid) search results show up.

Another reason it is so powerful is that it is trusted as there are online reviews.  Whereas sometimes people view ads as an interference with the actual results, Google Maps results are 100% organic, and so they are regarded as trustworthy. 

Moreover, your dental practice’s review ratings will also be listed, meaning that the searcher can see exactly what your reviews say about you.

You have probably already claimed and filled out your Google My Business (GMB) profile. This is the profile that shows up in Google Maps.  If you haven’t, you can watch this video to find out how to do it.  

Once you have control of your GMB profile, there are many things you can do to increase the likelihood of being shown towards the top.

Out of all the different things you can do to rank higher, there are three main steps to maximizing the impact of your Google Maps profile.

Local SEO via GMB

To grow your practice and get new patients, our local dental marketing strategy should include these tasks

1. Fill Out Your Google My Business Profile Comprehensively
Dental Marketing Strategies Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB) came about in 2014 to provide the community with information on products and services in a particular vicinity.  In order to maximize your GMB profile, you should fill out everything you possibly can.  Of course, the basics are 

  • your practice’s name, 
  • address, 
  • phone number

Or called NAP as a whole, plus a link to your website. 

You should list your primary category, aside from other services and treatments (like dental implants, sleep apnea treatment, dental cosmetic treatments like clear aligners, etc.), products (like toothbrushes you sell, or teeth-whitening trays), and more.  They even want to know if your practice is woman-led, veteran-led, LGBT friendly, etc. 

2. Implement A Review System To Get A Constant Flow Of 5 Star Google Review

Potential patients also rely on online reviews when looking for a dental office near them. Hence, having a reliable review system in place is a great way to help you rank better on Google.  

However, you don’t have to pay for a review system.  In a future article, we will go over the best way to encourage patients to leave reviews without spending a dime. 

So why are reviews important for Google Maps SEO? 

Google reads the reviews people leave, and so if they include different words like ‘implants’ or ‘Invisalign’ in their review, you will be substantially more likely to show up at the top when people search for those terms.

3. Update Your Profile With Offers & Updates Often
GMB Posting

Keep your GMB listing up-to-date with offers, and other valuable content. It is advised that you create content once a week. These updates show up in the search results for your business, and also show Google that you are actively managing your GMB account. 

You can create a post about your services and dental treatments, upload a video or update your patients with any offers you might have from time to time. This will favor you when Google is deciding whether to show your practice or another practice when someone searches for a dentist near your community.

Bonus: Make it easier to contact you by activating the Chat/Messaging in your GMB profile. That way, you can actively monitor the messages you receive.  

This is a feature of Google that will become more widely adopted in months to come, and so get a jump on it now!  A new patient could be one question away from booking an appointment with you.

Speaking of which, another bonus tip is to make it easy for patients to book an appointment. How? You can do so by putting that appointment link in place on your GMB. Provide a link to your contact form.

As we all know, if Google launches a feature, they want you to use it. They will reward you with more eyeballs for using it, too!

FAQs in Summary

How do you do dental marketing?

The three ways to do dental marketing as mentioned here are (1) Digital advertising (possibly search ads, Facebook ads), (2) Referrals, and (3) Google Maps SEO. These, however, are the most basic dental marketing strategies. There are other methods that marketing professionals can do for you. These include website optimization, creating blog content, social media promotions, and video marketing.

How do you attract more patients to a dental practice?

To attract more patients to a dental practice, keep the following in mind (1) utilize the power of referrals, (2) keep your website up to date with useful content that provides answers to the more important potential patient queries, (3) be active in local Google Search by completing your GMB profile, and encourage your patients to leave online reviews there, and (4) have presence in local business directories.

How do dental professionals advertise market their professional practice?

The two most popular ads a dental professional can utilize are Google ads and Facebook ads. However, you need marketing professionals to do these for you as it can blow your budget if you try to do it yourself.

We hope you found these tips and ideas useful. More importantly, the key is to take action by applying these dental marketing techniques.  There is more competition than ever before, but even so, more people than ever before need quality dental services.  Make sure you show up at the top when they search for it.

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