Bounce Back into 2021 - 3 Ways to Prepare Your Practice for the New Year

Bounce Back into 2021 - 3 Ways to Prepare Your Practice for the New Year

10/11/2020 6:28:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 109

Dr. Allison House and Shawn Zajas are back with another noteworthy episode. In this episode, they discuss the three things you can do to prepare for an extraordinary 2021.

1.     Write a patient letter. Include oral care regimens related to overall health and immunity.
2.     Start gathering data for your 1st of year meeting. What kind of things do you want to do for your practice to grow it?
3.     Take time to reflect on how you can be at your best. What are some little things you can do on a daily basis that will make you feel healthy?

Amidst a pandemic, it can be difficult to stay motivated and easy to lose sight as to what’s important and necessary to have a successful practice. Shawn and Allison talk about how to take adversity and turn it into a productive asset, as well as the importance of your health and how it directly affects your performance and practice.


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