Product Profile: Vanguard Dental Unit

Product Profile: Vanguard Dental Unit 

Quality, affordability and innovation

Ritter Dental wants to change the way dentists view service by providing top-of-the-line products such as the Vanguard Dental Unit at affordable prices.

The Vanguard includes a seamless hydraulic lift with adjustable speed and can withstand more than 400 pounds. The unit is ambidextrous with a 30-degree swivel, which provides easy access for the patient and increased mobility for the doctor.

The Vanguard (with or without cuspidor) includes both dentist and assistant delivery. The assistant side accommodates up to four instruments and includes an integrated control panel, while the dentist side accommodates up to five instruments, including three active handpiece positions, and also includes an integrated control panel.

Additional features of the unit include an intensity-adjustable LED operating light, a double articulating headrest and a choice of seamless or stitched upholstery. These features and more are included for $9,999.

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