Reimagining Dentistry: Post COVID-19 Opportunities

Reimagining Dentistry: Post COVID-19 Opportunities

5/5/2020 8:58:37 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 23

In these unprecedented times, dentists are faced with confusing and overwhelming change in the way they practice, and it’s clear that things will not go back to the way they were before COVID-19. As you face this new normal, in which the foundations of your practice are shaken, you can either be swept away by the fear of change, or you can press ahead and use this shaking as an opportunity to better your practice. In this episode, Allison and Shawn encourage listeners to resist clinging to what dentistry was, and to reimagine a new era of dentistry that can be more fulfilling than ever.

With the old ways gone, you have an opportunity to rebuild your practice to serve you better than before. What better time to change broken systems than now in the midst of this pandemic, when people are less likely to resist change, since almost every other sector of life has changed. This is a time when the world is open to innovative solutions. Your routines and modus operandi are now broken down, which feels scary, but if you have eyes to see it, you can see that this provides a new and total freedom to reimagine your business. When you go back to work, don't get stuck in frustration that you can’t go back to what you did before. Allison and Shawn’s motivating message will empower you to look ahead with a pioneering spirit, to change the things that you didn't like, and to use this new freedom to find opportunities. 

Though it may feel like COVID-19 threw a bomb into your dental practice, not all the change has to be bad. Sometimes it takes an explosion to propel you forward. 

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