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Tips For Making Your Dental Office A Fun Place To Be

4/24/2019 7:15:55 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 32
Dentists have a long history of getting a bad rap. Many children grow up fearing a visit to the dentist. However, it's time for you to change all that and set the pace for a new society that enjoys their regular dental visits. Here are some great tips that can help to transform your dental office into a fun place for all ages to be. 

Get Some Games

What's the best way to entertain children? If you said games, you would be correct. Kids love to be entertained. A great way to keep kids entertained and wanting to come back to your office location is to have a game room. This room can be used by children before and after their visit. In addition, a game room is a great place to let kids hang out and play while you're in between procedures or simply waiting on x-rays. 

Give Children Attention

One surefire way to win a kid's heart is to give them the time of day. Don't be one of those offices that only really speaks to parents and acts as if they're an authoritative figure to the children. Instead, bend down and meet children at their eye level. Introduce yourself and your staff by your first name. Ask children about their favorite activities, color, and so forth. The more open you can get a child to be, the more likely they're going to want to come back to your office. 

Offer Doing Good Gifts

A great way to give kids an incentive to keep healthy oral habits is to offer them a reward when they do so. Supplying parents with a daily calendar for their children to check off that they brushed each morning and night can be a great way to promote healthy oral habits while keeping children entertained. Let them bring proof of their good habits to you and give them some small gifts in return. Gift cards, healthy snacks, and toys are always great incentives to get kids excited to come back. 

Create A Fun Atmosphere Through Design

Walking into a medical environment tends to make everyone's nerves tense up. You should keep this in mind when designing your dental practice. Think about staying as far away from the medical feel as possible. We're talking about the sterile look of white walls, tan counters, and fluorescent lighting. Instead, set a fun statement in the type of interior decor that you use. Opt for soothing colors of blues, greens, and yellows. Invest in some comfortable chairs, wall art, a fish tank, and other interior features that will create a pleasantly unique feel. 

Create A Vape Area

It's not uncommon for some dental procedures to take a good bit of time to complete. Throughout this time, it's likely your patient will feel stressed. This is typically due to the fact of keeping their jaw in an open position, hearing the noises of the machines, and having you working with tools inside of their mouth. A great way to allow patients to calm their nerves is to offer a vaping area. Mid-procedure you can allow patients a few short minutes to enjoy a bit of vaping to keep their stress levels low. 

Educate Your Patients

One way to make your office more interesting for patients is to use your knowledge of oral health to educate themthroughout the process. We're not talking former medical lingo patients don't understand. Rather, explain in laymans terms the different pieces of equipment you'll be using and what the steps are that you're doing for their procedure. When patients can better understand the process, it tends to ease their nerves and sparks their interest. 

Making your dental office a fun environment isn't too difficult. In fact, there are many different approaches you can take to do so. The above are just some of the areas that you can start with. You should try and incorporate more and more fun features so you can make your dental practice the talk of the town.
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