Dentaltown Magazine - August 2014

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by Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, Publisher, Dentaltown Magazine
Dr. Howard Farran, publisher of Dentaltown Magazine talks shop with the Townies. This month, he talks about the dentist’s role in combatting HPV.
by Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD, Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine
Dentaltown Magazine Editorial Director Dr. Thomas Giacobbi shares a handful of valuable tips for a better practice.
Docs discuss what overtreatment means to them in this collection of conversations from the message boards.
by Douglas Carlsen, DDS
A look into one of the most catastrophic financial losses a dentist can be faced with: DIVORCE
by August De Oliveira, DDS
Shapes and sizes of implants vary drastically. Learn what to use when by taking this in-depth CE course from Dr. August de Oliveira.
by Ara Nazarian, DDS, DICOI
Dr. Ara Nazarian focuses on the techniques implemented when restoring a patient with a fi xed lower bridge supported by implants.
by Dr. Shady Negm
Dr. Shady Negm discusses the technique and benefi ts of an extra-oral infra-orbital nerve block.
by Krista Houstoun, Associate Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
by Luke S. Kahng, CDT
Luke Kahng tackles a tough case involving a patient in need of prosthetics with less than ideal circumstances.
by Anthony LaVacca, DMD, FACP and Manal Ibrahim LaVacca, DDS
Drs. Anthony LaVacca and Manal Ibrahim LaVacca use 3D imaging to help avoid negative outcomes for implant placement of congenitally missing lateral incisors.
by Nick Marongiu, DDS
Dr. Nick Marongiu lays out his case for why open-architecture scanner systems are a doctor’s best bet for his or her practice.
by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
by Chelsea Knorr, Editor, Dentaltown Magazine
by Allan Schwartz, DDS, CRNA
Do you know the most common medications found in dental emergency kits? Dr. Allan Schwartz prepares you and your staff on these common meds and dosages.
Message Boards
Implant restorative well-documented by Emil.
One of your employees gets stuck with a contaminated needle. Now what?
Lessons in lighting and color to match shades on anterior units.
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by Howard M. Goldstein, DMD, Director of Continuing Education
Hygiene & Prevention
Online Exclusives
Tough decision? Unsure of the course to take? Ask the Wisdom Tooth, the one-stop mental shop for all things HR, advice, guidance and counseling, online only.
by Douglas Carlsen, DDS

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