Sam Mittelsteadt

by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor & creative director
This implant practitioner, who has written several CE courses for Dentaltown, recently sold his two dental practices and returned to school so he can earn a certificate in periodontics and a master’s degree in periodontal science. In our exclusive Q&A, he explains what his long-term goals are—and how even now, he’s “making more than I would if I were a GP doing bread-and-butter dentistry work.”
November 2022
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor & creative director
For seven of the past 10 years, Dr. Bob Koff has worked seasonally at McMurdo Station, a research station run operated through the U.S. Antarctic Program. Turns out, that’s only one of several dozen international locations he’s visited and practiced in.
October 2022
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor & creative director
This young Townie recently purchased and remodeled a practice near the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. In our exclusive Q&A, he discusses what younger dentists can do to be taken more seriously by peers and patients, the expanding role of Botox and fillers in a dental practice, and the hardest part of being a new practice owner.
August 2022
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor
This Missouri dentist’s plans for a supersized second practice caused a commotion on Dentaltown’s message boards after Townies watched a walkthrough video of the construction in progress: The forum thread racked up 10,600+ views and 460+ posts over just four months! Now that Dr. Grant Olson’s $15 million, 29,000-square-foot practice is open, we tour the facility and learn more about how it reflects his large-scale ambitions and visions for the future of private practice dentistry.
September 2021
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor & creative director
This Townie, who practices in Northwest Arkansas, is driven to improve the lives of people in her native Togo. In addition to planning dental mission trips, she’s also co-founded charities designed to bring drinkable water to villagers and housing and educational opportunities to orphans in the west African nation.
May 2021
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor
On Dentaltown’s message boards, we asked Townies to submit photos of the most challenging mouths they’d ever treated. From the more than 75 posts, we selected eight cases to vie for top honors in the “My Worst Mouth” Contest.
January 2021
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor
After working for years as the director of dentistry for what was then Phoenix’s largest medical center, this Townie started a private practice across the street, in a historic building that started out as one of the city’s first medical clinics. (Some members of his staff say the place is haunted, but he personally doesn’t believe that’s the case.)
March 2020
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor, Dentaltown magazine
Dentaltown takes you inside the practice of Dr. Kevin Axx, a Phoenix-area endodontist who discusses what it takes to build and open your own practice and what he sees for the future of the specialty.
May 2019
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