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Bisco’s new HD filler technology allows Reveal HD Bulk to perform like no other composite in its class. The composite contains a proprietary filler technology that allows an optimized refractive index, which creates both superior light penetration and subsequent polymerization of the composite. Clinicians can confidently and predictably cure in 5–6mm increments,* utilizing the desired bulk-filling technique to save time while still ensuring a high-quality restoration. The category-leading depth of cure allows for a strong restoration from the top down, so clinicians can place the composite in a single layer without the need for additional layers or placing a base/liner.

Exceptional radiopacity
Bisco’s HD filler technology allows for exceptional radiopacity. Increased radiopacity provides practitioners with a means to monitor the integrity of the restoration, as well as the ability to see secondary caries, which makes it a wise choice as a posterior composite.

Optimal handling and polishability
Bisco’s HD filler technology allows for exceptional filler loading, resulting in superior handling and polishability along with the strength and the depth of cure necessary to create durable posterior restorations. This unique filler-resin system combines aesthetic appeal with the ease of use and strength needed to create a restoration that is quick, easy and of the highest quality.

For more information, visit or call 800-247-3368.

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