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58: Organization With Sandy Pardue

58: Organization With Sandy Pardue

12/26/2017 7:13:37 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 133

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Sandy Pardue is a dental consulting powerhouse with decades of experience helping business owners build the practices of their dreams. Through working with countless individuals across the country, Sandy has found that company improvement begins with an organized leader. Join Michael and Sandy as they discuss the importance of technology, the vital characteristics of a leader, and how to correctly fire staff members. Find more about Sandy on her business website, Classic Practice Resources!


Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [01:27] — In 1979, Sandy Pardue started her dental career at a small practice. Six years later she joined a larger practice and realized that technology can give thirteen staff members the same productivity of eighteen employees!
  • [02:58] — Sandy’s key to success: “The key to success in the practice is organization.” When Sandy understood the power of practice management systems, she began her career as a dental consultant to help other dentists achieve their goals.
  • [06:05] — Printing recall cards and making online appointments are two important benefits of technology. If you haven’t already, make the switch!
  • [06:57] — “Oh, we’re never gonna see those appointment books again. Maybe in a museum.” Listen to Sandy; she knows her stuff.
  • [07:45] — Sandy had a boss who still practices in his eighties. How does he continue to enjoy his work? Sandy points to strong organization!
  • [09:20] — Michael and Sandy discuss the importance of organization in enjoying one’s work.
  • [10:15] — Enthusiasm in the workplace comes from the leader.
  • [12:00] — Sandy believes that every practice should predetermine how to handle every situation, such as employees leaving without notice.
  • [14:00] — “The average practice retention is forty to fifty percent,” Sandy says. Handle your own recall process and make sure you’re aware of important opportunities!
  • [22:25] — “Good control is what will determine your production in the practice.” Care for each patient individually and with compassion. Also, a nice phone call can go a long way.
  • [24:02] — Calculate how much open time you have, even from broken appointments. You might find that you’re missing out on some opportunities.
  • [25:14] — When making an appointment, look at their record with broken appointments and credit fraud. Never be rude, but a credit criminal might give you some trouble…
  • [24:45] — Be a strong leader and don’t be afraid of your staff! You put too much time, money, and effort into your investment to lose control.
  • [29:24] — When you’re faced with a struggling team member, ask yourself if you’ve given them all the tools they need. If they still perform below your expectations, they probably have to go.
  • [33:09] — “I like to work with smart people,” Sandy says. When finding the right employees, she likes to see fast-moving, competent individuals.
  • [33:30] — Interestingly, Sandy uses the Wonderlick test to determine how smart her staff are and what jobs they should perform. The same test is used in the NFL!
  • [35:00] — Sandy recommends corrective action notices for employees who aren’t meeting expectations. They work especially well for those who feel uncomfortable firing staff members.
  • [37:04] — Sandy gives several helpful tips about firing employees. “It gets easy the more you fire people!”
  • [38:44] — Advice Alert: “Know that you have not reached your full potential.” You can build the practice of your dreams, but it all starts with you. Sandy also recommends Howard Farran’s book, Uncomplicated Business for those who want to optimize their practices. Buy it from Amazon here!
  • [44:20] — Find Sandy on her website, where she offers seminars and consultation services. Also, send her an email, and listen to her podcast on iTunes, Dental Drills Bits!


3 Main Ideas

  1. Technology can perform the work of several employees. If you’ve managed to keep an appointment book after all these years, it may be time to make the switch. You might present your team with a few learning curves, but it will help your practice stay organized and modern.
  3. When looking to make improvements within your business, look to the leader. Sandy says that she notices poor leadership all over the place. Be an organized leader who isn’t afraid of their employees! If you have issues with an employee, make sure you’ve given them every opportunity to prove themselves before you decide to fire them. When firing the individual, fill out a corrective action notice and make sure you have a witness.
  5. Organization is key to every business. Sandy credits nearly everything to orderliness, from retention rates to longevity within the business. You’ll find yourself exhausted and ready to quit if everything is a mess!


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  • Find Sandy Pardue on Twitter here!
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