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#55: How To Start A Dental Practice From Scratch With Dr. Michaela Tozzi

#55: How To Start A Dental Practice From Scratch With Dr. Michaela Tozzi

8/31/2017 4:55:29 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 244


Dr. Michaela Tozzi has done it all, from making mouth guards at football games to offering her patients botox injections. Join Michael Arias as he speaks with this accomplished woman, who built her Vegas-based dental practice from nothing and has boundless wisdom to share with you all. Join the conversation as they discuss the do’s and don’ts of marketing and running your dental practice!


Click Here to visit Michaela’s website and learn more about her services at Michaela Tozzi Dental Concierge. Her office is located at 8975 S. Pecos Road Suite 5A, Henderson, Nevada 89074. She will tailor your appointment to your schedule and offer an exclusive service where you can be the only patient during your visit!


Time-Stamped Show Notes

  • [01:07] — Over coffee, Michael notes the importance of “new patient concierges” who can care for new patients
  • [02:42] — Michael introduces Dr. Michaela Tozzi
  • [03:03] — Michaela describes her career path as “different” because she graduated with a biology degree and sold dental supplies before entering dental school and graduating at age 32
  • [03:50] — After finding herself “sick of the corporate grind” after years of working for other practices, Michaela decided to start one of her own
  • [04:08] — She started her practice 2.5 years ago after buying an office; she was nervous because she had zero patients and was responsible for her employees
  • [04:54] — “You have to sacrifice yourself a little bit in the process” of starting your own business, Michaela admits
  • [8:52] — While an associate, the offices she worked at were poorly run and had high turnover; Michaela knew that she could do better
  • [9:38] — “Efficiency is key in dentistry,” Michaela notes as she highlights the importance of retaining staff numbers
  • [10:20] — Treat each patient like they’re a member of your family!
  • [11:49] — Marketing in dentistry is like putting a “message in a bottle”; although referrals, Yelp ads, and Google ads worked for Michaela, she finds it important to try different strategies
  • [13:27] — Smile makeovers are a major source for Michaela’s revenue and also her favorite way to “change somebody’s life”
  • [14:15] — Dentistries in Nevada were allowed to offer cosmetic injections in 2014, which Michaela took advantage of
  • [16:50] — Michaela wishes that she started Yelp and Google ads “right out of the gate”; now she has a monthly budget for each
  • [17:19] — Michaela remembers and regrets being a sponsor for the Las Vegas Outlaw’s home football games; she tweaked mouth guards and appeared on the Jumbotron, but received no return
  • [19:52] — Biggest piece of advice: Before you start your practice, think about where you want to be in ten years and write down the steps for how to achieve that vision—“work harder not smarter”
  • [21:53] — Value your profession and hard work; don’t let dentistry become a commodity!
  • [24:17] — Find Michaela on InstagramFacebooksend her an email, and give her a call at (702)-630-8818 if you’d like advice about navigating the scary world of dentistry!


3 Main Ideas

  1. It’s never too late to pursue dentistry and start your own practice! Michaela graduated dental school as one of the oldest students in her class. Even then, it took the experience of realizing she could run a business better than her superiors to inspire her to build a dentistry.
  3. Try several marketing strategies until you discover what works for you. Michaela stresses the importance of referrals, which brought her most loyal patients. Search engine and social media ads have also contributed greatly to her client base. Michael highlights the importance of knowing the people within your market before you start this process.
  5. Be conscious about what isn’t quite working. For Michaela, this was sponsoring the home games of a football team that lasted one season. You might also find that offering discounts or accepting cheap insurance isn’t leading to optimal growth.


Find Out More

  • Follow Michael Arias on Instagram here and improve your dental practice every day!
  • Listen to more podcasts and learn more about The Dental Marketer on his website.
  • Follow Dr. Michaela Tozzi’s blog and learn more about the world of dentistry.
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