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Benefits of intra oral scanning – Highlighted reasons you may want to finalize the transition.

Benefits of intra oral scanning – Highlighted reasons you may want to finalize the transition.

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  • Immediate impression results- Traditional impressions are not only messy but time consuming. With an intra oral scanner, results for patients are immediate. A dental professional will be able to assess the impression, following the scan, vs. mailing the impression and waiting for results. If an area was missed or overlooked, solutions are as simple as rescanning the portion.
  • Low maintenance- Cleaning and maintaining an intra oral camera requires less effort then disinfesting impression trays. This creates a smooth transition after a patient leaves an operatory.
  • Accuracy- Intra oral scanning captures accurate shades and form. This allows for better patient prognosis and accurate treatment plan.
  • Quicker treatment acceptance- Finalizing a treatment plan with a patient should be the end goal for a practice. The quicker an effective treatment plan is presented to a patient, the higher chance that they are able to move forward with accepting it. The accuracy and speed that most intra oral scanners offer, allows for an increase in treatment acceptance.
  • Little to no waste- Intra oral scanning involves less material cost and waste overall. No disposing or storing material, will maintain a clutter free process and practice.


Intra oral scanners are revolutionizing the process of obtaining impressions. They eliminate the middle man by bringing forth quicker results without the mess. Although most intra oral cameras are useful, we have included the top brands favored by clients- Assessing the capabilities and how they will fit in your practice is important when deciding on which company to use.



Top rated scanners according to clients:


Trios 3  - Best for restorative scanning.

Itero- Best accuracy for ortho related scanning.

Medit – Cost effective and great for simple restorative work. No yearly fees.



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