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How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients

How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients

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Many dentists want more dental implant patients and some of the reasons they’ve given include wanting to take on new dental implant patients since they’re switching their expertise, maybe they’ve hired an associate and want to make sure that there’s enough work for him/her or maybe they want to increase production and so want to increase the number of new patients they have.

This blog post will give you ideas on the modern methods that you can use to advertise dental implants so you can get more dental implant patients.

Remember that you should give these methods time to see whether they work. Some can be used as part of a short-term plan whereas others can be used over a longer period of time.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to get more dental implant patients with your existing patient database
  • How to get more dental implant patients with Facebook Ads
  • How to get more dental implant patients with Google Ads
  • How to get more dental implant patients with SEO
  • How to get more dental implant patients by training your staff

How to get more dental implant patients with your existing patient database

Whenever I work with a client I always tell them to start with the people who have already interacted with them or gotten some type of service from them.


Because these people already know you, they like you and because they’ve used your services, there is some element of trust, unless you provided a poor service.

The first thing you can do as a dentist is to go through your existing patient database and identify those patients who are the most profitable. 

A profitable patient can be someone who has previously presented as easy to do business with. 

That means they’ve paid on time, they may have paid in full and they have been satisfied with your level of care provided. 

A profitable patient can also be someone who recommends your practice to others and is your practice’s champion.

So out of all the patients who’ve paid on time or in full before, find the ones who recommends your practice either because they’ve written a review about you or they’ve sent their friends and family to you before. 

When you find these people start building closer relationships with them, then asking them for additional referrals or see whether they would be the right candidate for relevant or follow up treatment.

How can you do this?

You can send out physical monthly newsletters to the patients you’ve identified. Think of ways in which you can make the newsletters memorable so the person receiving it, remembers you when they see your newsletter and is automatically inspired to talk about your practice to their friends and family.

If monthly newsletters are an expense you can’t justify, messenger bots can be used to communicate with your ideal patients, provided you have their Facebook contact details and they have previously given you permission to contact them this way. Messenger bots can be customised to send a message flow that interacts with the patient, which will keep you top of mind.

Alternatively you can use emails to communicate value to your patients. Remember that email open rates are very low these days so they may not be as effective as messenger bots or physical newsletters.

How to get more dental implant patients with Facebook Ads

Considering the above patient list that you’ve created - those who are profitable patients and refer or recommend your services - it’s time to create your ideal patient profile. 

An ideal patient profile is a set of characteristics that you have identified as being common amongst your most profitable and “champion” patients.

You can identify and pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Their gender - do you find that most profitable patients are male or female?
  • Their age - do they fall into a certain age bracket?
  • Their location - do they live in a certain area eg wealthy neighbourhoods?
  • Their career - do they have a certain type of career eg. healthcare professionals, educational professionals, corporate professionals?
  • Marital status - are they single or married?
  • Family status - do they have a family?

Once you have identified the most common characteristics amongst all your profitable patients, you can then create an ideal patient profile and find more people like them. 

Facebook allows you to easily create an audience that is like your ideal patient with their audience targeting, which is why Facebook ads are a great way in which dentists can get more dental implant patients. 

They must first identify who are their ideal patients and plug in that data into the audience targeting tool.

As you will see in the below image, if you know that the majority of your “champion” patients are aged 50-60, women and living in a 5m radius from your practice, you can enter these details into the Facebook Ads Manager tool.

How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients

When you know your ideal patients, it’s time to create the content strategy. 

Most dentists get their content strategy wrong because they start from a place of wanting to sell their services. 

Especially if you are using Facebook ads for the first time, it is a big mistake for you to create an ad and then target an audience that knows nothing about you. 

As the dentist who stands out, you should adopt a content strategy approach where you are adding value to the lives of the people who see you for the first time, by understanding what their problems are and then offering a solution that helps. 

One way to do this is to create blog posts, videos, Lives and Facebook posts about various problems dental implant prospects may have so you can serve these and warm up your audience to you. 

You want to share as much content as possible so they become familiar with your dental practice and start liking you, because you’re not selling to them but rather giving them the information that they want. 

This sets you apart because not many dental practices do this.

Once you have created that warm audience, which Facebook tracks for you, you can retarget that audience by putting your offer in front of them. 

For dental implants, your offer might be a free consultation.

How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients

Also keep in mind that if you do offer a free consultation, that to attract the highest quality lead, it’s not enough to simply ask for a name, email and phone number. 

You should also be asking for additional information so that the lead commits more time to completing that information for you. 

The more someone commits time in completing something, the more they’re likely to follow through. Additional information could be a simple question like “are you considering dental implant treatment in the next 3 months”.

How to get more dental implant patients with Google Ads

Google Ads is a completely different kettle of fish from Facebook Ads. Therefore your approach to getting dental implant patients would be different but you can lead with the same thought process. 

Knowing your ideal patient profile, it’s also important that you understand what their problems are and why they would be looking for a solution like dental implants.

Think about what’s going on in their minds and what types of sentences they would use in their searches. 

Google Ads allow you to enter an auction and place a bid on these sentences, known as keywords or keyphrases, so when someone types in the keyword or keyphrase into Google, your ad shows up at the top, depending on how much you bid. 

Now what we often see in Google Ads, are dentists creating ads that sell based on price. 

So for example, they may create an ad that looks like this:

How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients

When you create content based on price you will almost certainly attract the person who is looking for the cheapest price, which is what you don’t want as an implant dentist. 

Which is why a better approach is to lead with educational content, just like with Facebook Ads, so you can not only attract people with value, but also stand out from all the other dental practices that are marketing in the same way.

I therefore recommend creating your ad like this:

How To Advertise Dental Implants For More Dental Implant Patients

Once you’ve created your ad to come from a place of giving, rather than selling, make sure that you deliver the information to the lead, since dental implant prospects are more than likely using Google to find information to help them make a decision about dental implants and how is the best dentist to help them. 

They’re not only looking at price, they’re looking for information on what their options are, how dental implants work and who can they trust. 

Therefore your content that you will deliver through your landing page, should be highly informative, that it makes a good first impression on the prospect. 

Whilst you can get dental implant leads through Facebook Ads, Google Ads is probably a better marketing platform. Because of the intent behind the search, leads may be easier to convert since they know they want dental implants but just need a bit more information to help them make up their mind. 

How to get more dental implant patients with SEO

In the beginning I spoke about having a long term plan and that plan is with the use of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Your goal with any SEO campaign is to eventually replace your paid advertising campaign. Provided you can target as many valuable keywords as possible that help you rank at the top of the Google searches. 

Google SEO for dentists focuses on targeting keywords that people would search for based on their location. 

Therefore if you can optimise your website so that you target for example, “dental implants + city”, then when your prospect searches for these keywords, your website appears and you will have the opportunity to convert them into a lead once they click on your website. 

Now there are a few things you can do to ensure that your website gives the best user experience and helps convert your visitors. 

Page speed load time

Make sure that your website loads quickly. If your website is taking 5 seconds or more to load, your prospect can become impatient and decide to abandon before it loads completely.

Visible click to call and online scheduling

Ensure that you make it easy for the prospect to be able to contact you or book a consultation with you by implementing a visible hyperlinked telephone number or easy online scheduling.

Use custom photos 

The use of stock photos on dental websites are overdone. Instead use custom photos which will set you apart.


Ensure that all testimonials and reviews are easily visible making you trustworthy and giving the visitor peace of mind that they’re making the right decision in using your services.


Do you have any special offers that you can highlight on the home page? This will help with any objections that the visitor has plus when you put these offers right in front of their eyes, it makes it easy for them to take the next step with you, since you may have answered many of their questions when it comes to pricing. 

How to get more dental implant patients by training your staff

Now all of the above are great ways that you can market dental implants to get more patients, but they won’t work if you don’t have well-trained staff to nurture your leads. 

This is the crucial part since one of the biggest problems dentists face, is converting those leads into dental implant consultations. 

Here are some tips to manage leads when they convert on your website:

Leads should be contacted immediately, typically within 5-15 minutes of the leads providing their information, to find out about their submissions, provide any further information and schedule an initial consultation.

Ensure that all staff who answer the phone are doing so with consistent information from the website. Therefore if you have any offers that are being advertised, ensure that your staff is informed of these offers too.

Staff should always lead conversations to an appointment booking. The best way to ask a lead to book an appointment is to offer one of two appointment times. You can say “Mr Smith we have 1 or 2pm on Monday or Wednesday available. Which one suits you?” When you ask in this way, you’re leading the call to return a positive answer rather than a negative answer when you ask “Would you like to book an appointment”.

Keep waiting times to a minimum. When you have an ad campaign running the number of leads you get an sometimes come in quickly. Be sure that you have enough time to contact all leads within the minimum times to maximise all lead conversions.

Wrapping Up 

You now have the best ways to advertise dental implants to get more dental implant patients. Do all of them and you will have no problem filling your practice calendar. 

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