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Cell Phones, Office Phones and Computer Use

Cell Phones, Office Phones and Computer Use

8/20/2014 2:16:24 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 931

If you haven't already done so many top dental consultants advise that you include in your general dental office manual an up-to-date phone/computer policy. This is the phone/computer policy I recommend:


Cell phone use (including texting, checking Facebook, etc.) at your dental practice during working hours should not be permitted. Your dental staff should be told they are welcome to use their cell phones during their break times as long as they don't do so in front of patients.

Any family member or friend who would need to contact any of your staff in the event of an emergency should have the main office phone number.


Your dental practice’s phones are your main means of scheduling patients and conducting business. Therefore, your staff should not use the office phones for personal use except to receive an emergency call from a family member, etc.


Office computers should never to be used for personal use. Period. The reasons for this are obvious including the possibility of infecting your office computer system with a virus. Doing so should result in possible termination.

Note: Your office computers should be set up with software to monitor all internet activity.

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