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Why your social media isn’t bringing you any new patients.
Instagram… Facebook…. Twitter…. Pinterest…. Everyone reading this is probably familiar with one of these social media platform names. Why are you familiar with it? Who told you about it? Do any of your friends NOT know about these social media platforms? Social media...  Read More
PODCAST EPISODE 002: What you need to understand first, in order to attract new patients into your practice.
In this episode we talk about what it really means to “attract” when attracting new potential patients to your dental practice. We break it down process down and help you see it takes about 3 steps to attract a new patient. Be different. Being different is the key to create appeal...  Read More
One major complaint that has popped up a lot last week (after of my podcast #TDMTALKS) was that their Chamber of Commerce SUCKS! You either feel that the chamber of commerce is like “squad” or maybe they look like they are just playing “high school” all over again! ...  Read More
Podcast Episode 001: Welcome To The Dental Marketer Talks
Episode 001: Introducing The Dental Marketer Talks #TDMTALKS Thank you everyone for listening into the very first episode, episode 001, of The Dental Marketer Talks #TDMTALKS. In this very brief episode, I just cover what you...  Read More
Starting a new dental practice? On a budget? Here's guaranteed ways to attract new patients with little to no cost!
Starting up a brand new dental practice is no easy task, let alone a very expensive one. We are talking about at least 2 operatory rooms, new dental equipment, having an awesome front and back staff, and any remodeling/ upgrades to the office (your logo, painting, etc.). This obviously puts a huge...  Read More
How To Attract New Patients Through The Chamber of Commerce.
These past couple of weeks I’ve had so many meetings and consultations with dentistry’s who seem to have different problems obviously but some similar complaint. One major complaint that has popped up a lot last week was that their Chamber of Commerce SUCKS! You either feel that the...  Read More
Are you a dentist or a lifestyle enhancer?
So I know you’re reading the title and thinking “yeah I know we improve lives already!” but do you? Does your practice show that? If there is a type of service or some sort of product that enhances or upgrades a person’s lifestyle, then they are going to want the best....  Read More
Everyone, wants to have a booming business with new patients flowing in, but if i'm constantly bringing you in new patients and you can't seem to retain them or multiply new patients from existing patients then what sense does that make? You have no excuse to have an empty schedule or a tough time...  Read More
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