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Aesthetic Full Mouth Rehab ... Where to Learn?
by Clinical Mastery Series The road to Full Mouth Rehabilitation is certainly a challenging but can be incredibly rewarding. And as with any journey, starting and mapping your path is the most important.  See Dr. John Nosti in a 2 hour online course, from the comfort of your own home, presenting...  Read More
Roadmap to Achieving a Competitive Advantage
Does Your Team Understand Your Competitive Advantage? You know what sets your dental practice apart from the competition, but does your team? If not, you could be diminishing your practice’s reputation unintentionally. Although you’re the face of the practice, it’s your team that has direct contact...  Read More
The Successful Mindset for Presenting Comprehensive Care
Case acceptance for comprehensive care is a complicated matter that many wish would have a simple solution. We asked Clinical Mastery's Director of Professional Development, Dr. Eric Farmer what his personal approach is for fostering case acceptance in comprehensive care and full mouth...  Read More
Designing a Marketable Practice Brand and Improving Team Performance
In this blog, the focus is on two main challenges that affect dental practice owners: improving team performance and designing a marketable brand. How do you do all this while retaining empathy and loving your work? Dr. Olitsky has some answers in this enlightening interview where he reveals an...  Read More
Use Great Questions to Find a Patients Why
by Jenn Janicki, Clinical Mastery Series Executive Director Join us for Part 3 in a series of 6 presenting “best practices” for dental professionals. I’ve created this series for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence but have not yet created a...  Read More
Surviving Patient Miscommunication During a Complicated Cosmetic Case
Cases that seem to start out great can go sideways when we least expect it. In this post, Dr. Nosti discuses a recent case in his practice and how he resolved a potentially disastrous situation. Read on to learn from the story of a patient who wasn’t satisfied with the whiteness of her...  Read More
Don't Let Fractures Ruin Your Day: Six Guidelines to Minimize Porcelain Fractures
by John Nosti Porcelain fracture can be one of the most disheartening events to happen in a dental office. We have all experienced recurrent decay on a restoration that we placed, or possibly reinfection of a root canal that we performed, but no event seems to sink the mood of a practice as a...  Read More
By: Dr. Jason Olitsky Case Study: "The most critical factor is treatment planning or starting a case with the end" There are many factors that contribute to aesthetic success or failure. It’s not uncommon for many of my patients to enter treatment...  Read More
Dr. John Nosti: How Occlusion Affected Me
by Dr. John Nosti I remember that feeling of my first day in private practice. Exciting for the freedom of not being in the educational environment any longer, while also having the feeling of anxiety for not having that “educational shoulder” to lean on. I felt that I had a great...  Read More
Occlusion or Delusion: Use Caution With Symptomatic Pain
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady In the detective process of determining the best treatment for a patient who has or is currently experiencing pain, it's best to eliminate impossibilities from the investigation. Are the Patient’s Joints Healthy or Breaking Down? You've...  Read More
Find A Patient’s Why Through the Power of Great Questions
by Jenn Janicki, Executive Director Join us for Part 3 in a series of 6 presenting “best practices” for dental professionals. I’ve created this series for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence, but have not yet created a strategy for attracting...  Read More
Questions to Ask When Ceramic De-bonds
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady In dental practice there are situations that we find so disconcerting that it becomes difficult to approach them rationally and scientifically to find a resolution. One of these is when a ceramic restoration de-bonds. Usually when this happens I...  Read More
The Value of Probiotics: What’s Really Happening in the Mouth
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady Are you running out of answers for a patients oral health problems? Probiotics might be the solution for you! If you have patient who is a model of perfect dental hygiene and also wholly compliant with your health recommendations, but is still...  Read More
The Myth About Denture Patients
By Dr. John Nosti Modernizing the way you think about dentures is a good way to start attracting more denture patients. So, what is the Myth? Even as a dentist, the first image that comes to mind when you visualize dentures could be a decrepit old man or...  Read More
Screw Access Holes and Plumbers Tape
By Dr. Lee Ann Brady Managing the screw access holes is one of the challenges I run into with implant dentistry. We all hope to fill them once and then never have to get to the head of the screw again, but this is dentistry after all and that would be unrealistic. In the...  Read More
Gum Symmetry: The Seventh Violation of Smile Design
by Dr. Jason Olitsky For the final installment of my 7 Violations of Smile Design series, I’ll explore how instituting a knowledge of gum symmetry, papilla heights, and smile lines can maximize positive outcomes in your esthetic cases. When evaluating the esthetic...  Read More
Big Case Presentation Part 2: Come From Abundance, Avoid Scarcity
by Jenn Janicki, Executive Director Join us for part 2 in a 6 part series presenting “best practices”. In this dissuasion we will talk about “abundance mentality”. CMS Executive Director Jenn Janicki’s advice derives from more than 130 practices who are getting the...  Read More
Ignoring the Negative Space: The Sixth Violation of Smile Design
by Dr. Jason Olitsky In evaluating the esthetic principles inherent to successful smile design we come across 7 common violations that undermine the success of a finished cosmetic case. Here’s one of my top clinical tips for maximizing the outcome of your esthetic cases...  Read More
Why You Should be Working with Patients on Appliance Therapy: Part One
by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Appliance therapy is the ultimate case acceptance tool you should be utilizing in your office. The benefits of this approach can be seen in many different patients, from TMD and restorative to orthodontic patients with muscle-based or joint-based pain....  Read More
Setting Up The Occlusion: Ceramic Porcelain Fracture Guidelines #1
by Dr. John Nosti Dentists can become (reasonably) wary of the following restoration nightmare, a patient presenting with a ceramic porcelain fracture. This problem is one of the most disheartening that can happen in a dental office and because of this, many doctors will become so...  Read More
Dr. John Nosti - A Survivor's Case Study
By Dr. John Nosti Sometimes, missing teeth is a small price to pay compared to missing your life. William came to me after life-saving treatment for oral cancer, in remission as a cancer survivor. "Maintaining health was the main priority As the photos indicate, much of William’s tongue was...  Read More
by Jackie Adame More than 35 million Americans do not have teeth and 178 million are missing at least one tooth.* With those kind of numbers, bridge, implant, denture, and hybrid options should be common discussions with your patients. Yet, many dental doctors will say, “I just don’t...  Read More
If, than you'll understand what makes dental CE so unique. We all remember those first couple of days (or even weeks) of dental school. Nerves ran high and the lack of familiar faces was a shock to the system. Thankfully, we got to know our classmates and each class had it’s own particular...  Read More
First Steps: Ceramic Porcelain Fracture Guidelines
by Dr. John Nosti A frustrating phenomenon in the dentistry world is when a patient presents with fracture to a ceramic restoration. This is one of the most disheartening scenarios that can happen in a dental office and because of this, many doctors may become so fearful of the fracture that they...  Read More
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