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Big Case Presentation Part 2: Come From Abundance, Avoid Scarcity

Big Case Presentation Part 2: Come From Abundance, Avoid Scarcity

8/25/2016 11:58:24 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 339
Jenn Janickiby Jenn Janicki, Executive Director

Join us for part 2 in a 6 part series presenting “best practices”. In this dissuasion we will talk about “abundance mentality”. CMS Executive Director Jenn Janicki’s advice derives from more than 130 practices who are getting the “yes” to large case treatment plans.

This series will serves on two levels. It is a resource for clinicians who have a high level of clinical training and confidence, but have not yet created a strategy for attracting comprehensively driven patients. And especially for those who have studied the psychology about what motivates people to make great treatment decisions, this series is for you!

There is one element that practices with the highest case acceptance ratios have in common without exception. They exercise a mentality of abundance. 

A patient’s treatment plan is developed focused on meeting a patient’s goals. Not how they will be perceived or how a patient will react. We’ve all heard the response from a patient after hearing about the gift of your treatment: They say, “What am I paying for, your new car?”

It can be challenging when comments arise that question your intent to not be emotionally affected. But if your mentality is that you have a gift to offer your patient, a gift of health, longevity, precision, and the unique clinical skills to achieve those outcomes, then when they choose not to accept it, well, that’s just a choice.

Remember the reaction is independent of what you know is the right thing, which is to offer your patients the best care you know how to give.

Come from Abundance: Change Your Mindset

The biggest secret in case acceptance is to present it to your patient with no attachment as to whether or not they say yes.

Abundance mentality does not reflect on how much a treatment plan acceptance would affect cash flow or when quarterly taxes are due. It does not worry about second opinions, in fact, it welcomes them. It does not allow for excuses in perceptions of economy, locale, nor does it make assumptions about what patients will do.

When presenting a plan that has taken hours work to develop there is an emotional connection. Ultimately, doctors want acceptance, they want a patient to value treatment, and no one thrives on rejection. Rejection can feel bad. So naturally, if you don’t present the comprehensive plan, it can’t be rejected. Many doctors make a classic mistake of diagnosing what they believe a patient can “afford.” How a patient will pay for treatment and whether what you presented meets their goals are two entirely different conversations.

Make your treatment plan presentation about what your patient’s deserve and disconnect from the yes, you will change how you approach consults and treatment plan presentations.

When you meet your patient’s WHY and they will find the HOW. That will be the topic of the next installment … How to find your patient’s WHY for comprehensive treatment.

Jenn Janicki discusses the fundamental aspects of a successful visual treatment plan in the first installment of this series, Use Visual Treatment Plans: Big Case Presentation.

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