Confessions of a Recovering Dentist
Confessions of a Recovering Dentist
After 10 years in practice, I was so burnt out that I could no longer practice dentistry. This blog shares my experiences to inspire other dentists to find career happiness-- whether in or out of dentistry.
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10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too (Anniversary)
Help me celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of 10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too! On November 17, 2011, I turned in my last key to the last dental office I ever worked in. It was a momentous day. I had spent 10 years as a dentist and hated dentistry and my life. For years I felt stuck in...  Read More
Confession #12: Some Things You Can't Do Alone
I’ve never been one to ask other people for help.   I worry that it would inconvenience them way too much. Plus, I like to be independent. Seven years into my career, I finally realized how stuck I really was, spiraling around the same patterns throughout the years. I couldn’t break the cycle. I...  Read More
Confession #11: My On Again-Off Again Relationship with Dentistry
I consider myself to be pretty lucky. While in the past I haven’t ever been that person who wins prizes and drawings, or even a hand of blackjack in Vegas; in general, I lead a very lucky life. Take my dating history, for example.  Whenever a relationship ended, it simply ended.  There were times...  Read More
Confession #10: When Dreams Turn to Nightmares
My new dream job mostly turned out to be a big nightmare. The possibilities of a new future were there, of course, along with all of the standard challenges you would expect from starting any new job. Change is hard.  It’s scary.  It’s uncomfortable.  It makes you feel vulnerable and...  Read More
Confession #9: I Needed a Little Hankey Pankey to Reignite the Flame
After a few years of struggle in my dental career, I realized I owed it to myself to decide if my problem was the job or the career.  I committed to doing everything I could to save my career. I knew I had to leave my terribly dysfunctional job, and I found my dream job. Once I found my  , I...  Read More
Honoring Dr. Manu Dua and the Wake-up Call for Change
What is your wake-up call for change? It’s often a big tragedy that propels us to even notice something needs to change. For many of us, it’s an illness or a loss or even being forced into quarantine. For others, it’s a chronic yearning that won’t go away. My . I felt my anxiety and depression over...  Read More
As I  in my last post, work stress really started taking its toll on me.  For the first few years, I was distracted by friends, a new lifestyle, and dating.  Back in dental school, most of my friends were guys.  They often shared funny dating stories and jokes about how every 28 year-old woman...  Read More
Confession #7: Is it the Job or the Career
As dentistry and I started to spend all of our time together, I was forced to face our compatibility issues.   As the  grew, more red flags appeared.  The days of leaving work at work were growing more sparse.  The daily stresses were following me home and keeping me up at night.  I was suddenly...  Read More
It was July 17, 2001: the day we officially met for the first time.   It was our first real date and the day my budding romance with dentistry began.  Everything was new and exciting.  There was no time to notice any red flags because I was too taken by the potential of how amazing my new life...  Read More
Confession #5: Could a Fart Change a Life?
It was just another day in dental school. Another test in the big lecture hall where we had most of our classes. Total silence.  Then, like a balloon popping, it burst out of nowhere. A very loud fart. Then total silence again.  I flinched in my seat and stiffened up, visibly uncomfortable.  “Don’t...  Read More
Confession #4: What I Loved About Dental School May Not Have Been Dentistry
As I reflect on my journey in and out of dentistry, I am compelled to go back to the beginning: DENTAL SCHOOL.  Since my  was all about the hate, I need some balance.  So for today, I'll share what I loved.  It is interesting, that dentistry itself didn't quite make the list. Hmm... I wonder if...  Read More
Confession #3: 10 Reasons Dental School Sucked
As I look back on my journey into dentistry, dental school itself was the launchpad.  As I sat down to write this post, I was surprised to find myself struggling to write about hating dental school. I know I hated a lot about it when I was there.  When I wrote the , I found myself sifting through...  Read More
2020 Reflections: The Year that Brought us Clear Vision
The other day I saw a 2020 hindsight meme. It made me laugh, but of course, now I can’t find the exact meme. Ugh. That is so 2020. It got me thinking, though, which I guess is a good thing. 20/20 is a term used to describe visual acuity or sharpness. To me, that means clarity. I actually thought...  Read More
Hindsight is Always 20/20. It’s amazing how the unknown can make life so confusing. When we have to make the huge life decisions, everything seems so foggy and muddled. But once we get through it, it's all so clear. Why is it so hard to miss the clarity of a situation when it is ours? Looking...  Read More
One of the most common questions I often heard from patients was, “why did you choose to become a dentist?” It always made me smile because the question usually arose from different intentions. Many were simply curious and fascinated to learn how one falls into this career. They just wanted to get...  Read More
Confessions of a Recovering Dentist
Confession #1: my dentaltown profile says I'm a retired dentist, but that's not really true. The truth is, I quit dentistry at 36 years old. That's right. I'm a quitter... and proud of it!  After 9 years in "dentist recovery," it's nice to be able to feel proud of my choices. It took a while to...  Read More
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