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We offer updates, information, and tips within the dental industry. Learn more about dental practice management, dental marketing tips, dental office training, dental transitions, and much more.

As a dental practice owner you're used to practicing within agency guidelines from OSHA, HIPAA, the ADA and CDC but these requirements certainly look different now than they did 3 months ago. As you are getting back to managing your practice, navigating all of the added guidelines can be...  Read More
As you reopen your doors to patients, the overall goal is to continue limiting physical interaction and maintain a reduced risk of COVID-19 exposure for your patients and staff. How is this done in a close-contact service? Below are a few resources to help guide you and your team in reopening your...  Read More
Think 3 - 4 weeks back, before the chaos of COVID-19 went into full force: day-in-day-out you were likely busy with clinical and administrative tasks. Some easily accomplished and smooth sailing. But what about the lingering tasks, the ones collecting dust that were continually pushed off "until...  Read More
Have you outsourced your SEO (search engine optimization) to a third party only to find you’ve spent a bunch of money with no results? Are you nowhere to be found when prospective patients are looking for a dentist in your area? Are you beginning to suspect that SEO is too difficult to put into...  Read More
Dental patients know that if they aren’t completely satisfied with one dental practice, there is no shortage of others willing to provide quality dental care in addition to great customer service. Your dental patients expect a standard of care and service and if your office fails to meet these...  Read More
It can be very frustrating for dentists and other practice owners when people aren’t responding to or engaging with your marketing efforts. You may write an article, send out an email campaign, or post on social media just for nothing to come of it. There are several reasons this may be happening....  Read More
Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing
Reasons to Use Direct Mail Marketing Direct mail marketing might seem outdated, especially with the advent of social media and digital marketing. This has caused many dentists to put direct mail marketing on the back burner or forget about it altogether. It’s true that digital marketing is a good...  Read More
The Importance of Marketing to your Current Dental Patients
If you’re one of the dentists who are just putting together a dental marketing plan, you’re probably learning about all the different options. From social media and GoogleAdWords to newspaper ads and dental postcards, it can be difficult to know where to start.  The best place to start marketing is...  Read More

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