A new associate with concerns about his office’s treatment policies gets Townie feedback.
January 2023
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor & creative director
This implant practitioner, who has written several CE courses for Dentaltown, recently sold his two dental practices and returned to school so he can earn a certificate in periodontics and a master’s degree in periodontal science. In our exclusive Q&A, he explains what his long-term goals are—and how even now, he’s “making more than I would if I were a GP doing bread-and-butter dentistry work.”
November 2022
After potentially losing patients to a specialist’s office, this doc wants to know if they’re ever coming back.
August 2022
After Townies cast their ballots for their favorite dental services and products, we tallied the results. Now it’s time to announce the winners of the 2021 Townie Choice Awards!
December 2021
by Dr. David Paulson
Two of the most common soft-tissue grafting techniques available today are connective tissue grafts and free gingival grafts. Periodontist Dr. David Paulson explains the distinguishing differences between the two in regard to indications and techniques, and how to determine which technique is more appropriate for each particular clinical situation.
January 2022
by Dr. LeRoy Horton
Dr. LeRoy Horton explores three common risk factors for peri-implantitis and explains why dentists should shift their preliminary concern when placing implants from concern about immediate success to a long-term vision that includes risk assessment and patient-specific treatment modifications.
June 2022
The votes are in—the ballots are counted! See which products, services and equipment won the top spots for 2017.
December 2017
by Drs. Diego Velasquez and Bryan J. Frantz
Drs. Diego Velasquez and Bryan J. Frantz explain some of the industry changes discussed at the American Academy of Periodontology World Workshop, and how they could affect your practice.
September 2018
by Drs. Maia Berger and Sam Low
Drs. Maia Berger and Sam Low use a laser to depigment gingiva, and talk about the clinical considerations.
February 2020
by Dr Kunal Shah
Dr Kunal Shah describes a case where he used an intraoral scanner to treat a case of chronic apical periodontitis.
June/July 2019 - UK Edition
by Giacomo Tarquini, DDS
Dr. Giacomo Tarquini discusses the use of guided tissue regeneration to help treat periodontal intrabony defects, including the biologic principles, prognostic factors, papilla preservation techniques and required materials.
August 2021
by Dr. Samuel B. Low
Dr. Samuel B. Low explains the differences between the most common types of lasers used for gingival treatment today and shares a case study
September 2021
by Rachel Wall, RDH, BS
Developing and maintaining a periodontal care program in a general dental practice requires a few core mindset principles to be shared by the entire team. Dental hygiene coach Rachel Wall, RDH, discusses the most common obstacles to implementing a successful perio program, and how to overcome them.
November 2021
by Dr. Giacomo Tarquini
Despite several protocols being proposed, no single method has been proven to be superior for decontaminating implant surfaces, which helps patients minimize peri-implantitis. Periodontist Dr. Giacomo Tarquini discusses the use of ultrasonic cavitation, which has shown to be highly effective in removing biofilms from substrate at the microscopic level, with no damage to the underlying surface.
November 2021
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